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Pagan Deities Of The World - Page 1


Aegir is the Scandinavian God of the sea. Sacrifices were made to appease him, as Sailors believed that Aegir would drag men and ships down to his undersea hall.
Aegir married Ran, the Goddess of storms, and ruler of the realm of the dead. Aegir was known for great banquets where he entertained the other Scandinavian Gods;
it was during one of these banquests that Loki killed him.

Aine na gClair:

Aine na gClair, pronounced aw-ne, is identified with the Goddess Anu in Ireland.Aine na gClair was worshipped on Midsummer's Eve in County Limerick at a hill called Cnoc Aine. The worshippers would carry torches of hay and straw. After invoking her they would return to their field and pastures to wave the torches over the crops and livestock. Aine na gClair is revered among Irish herbalists and healers and is said to be responsible for the body's life force; to this end, no blood letting was allowed on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday beforeLughnasadh Day.

Angus Mac Og:

Angus Mac Og, (aka Angus Mac Oc, Angus of the Brugh, Oengus of the Bruig) is the Irish God of youth, love and beauty.


Amen-Re is an wiccan fusion of the Gods Amun and Re.


Amun, (aka Amon) is the wiccan creater God of Thebes and fertility. He is associated with rams and geese.


Anu, pronounced an-oo, (aka Anann, Dana, Dana-Ana) is the Irish Goddess of plenty and is the maiden aspect of the Morrigu. She is the Mother-Earth Goddess and the flowering fertility Goddess.


Anubis is the wiccan God of embalming. He is associated with the dog or jackal.


Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Passion and sexual love, and womanly beauty. Said to have been born of sea-foam; her name means "laughter loving".




Apollo is the Roman God of light, intellect, the arts, healing and prophecy.


Apollon is the Greek God of light, reason, inspiration, prophecy, the arts, healing and oracles. He is identified with the sun, and his Roman counterpart is Apollo.


Arachne is the Greek spider Goddess, who is the weaver of fate.


Ares is the Greek God of war. He is also called 'the shield-piercer' and [the] 'sacker of towns".


Arianrhod, pronounced ari-an-rod, is the Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess in Wales. Her palace is Caer Arianrhod (the Aurora Borealis). Arianrhod is the keeper of the circling "Silver Wheel of Stars", which is a symbol of both time and karma. This wheel was also known as the Oar Wheel, a ship which carrried dead warriors to the Moon-land (Emania). Arianrhod was married to Nwtvre ("Sky of Firmament"), but is the mother of Llue Llaw Gyffes and Dylan by her brother Gwydion. Invoke Arianrhod to promote fertility, Beauty, and reincarnation.


Artemis, the Huntress, is the Greek Moon Goddess. She is shown often with a Deer as acompanion and carried a bow and quiver of arrows. She is also the deity of wild places, groves and ponds


Astarte, (aka Ashtoreth, Ashtaroth, Ashtart, Ishtar) is the general Greek Fertility Goddess as well as the Goddess of love, war and the planet Venus. She is usually depicted as being naked, wearing a lapis-lazuli necklace and carrying a spear or a bow. Sometimes she is shown with crescent-Moon horns; and sometimes she is shown walking on a lion.


Astrild is a Scandinavian Goddess of love.


Aten is the Sun God of Egypt.


Athena (aka Athene) is the Greek Goddess of War as well as the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. She is the daughter of the Greek God Zeus and Metis. Athena is depicted as a strong woman in full armour. Her breast-plate symbolizes earned wisdom, and her helment, the protection of knowledge. Athena is the Greek patron of craftsmen and the protector of cities.


Atum is the Creater God of Heliopolis Egypt, where he was merged with Re. His sacred animal was the Mnevis bull.


Bacchus, (aka Bakchos) is the Roman name for the Greek God Dionysos. Bacchus is the orgiastic deity of the Bacchanalia. His phallic staff (Thyrsus) is crowned by a pine cone which represents wisdom and inspiration.


Badb, (aka Badhbh, Badb, Catha, Cauth Bodva(Gaul)) is the Irish War Goddess and wife to the War God Net. She is the Mother Aspect of the Triple Goddess in Ireland. Invoke Badb for life, wisdom, inspiration, and enlightenment.


Balder, (aka Baldr, Baldur) is called the "Good God" in Scandinavian mythology. Baldur is the God of joy, light, beauty, innocence, purity, and reconciliation. His parents are Odin and Frigg. Much loved by the Gods as well as man, Baldur was friendly, wise and eloquent. He was not a very powerful God, but was certainly one of the most loved. His wife is Nanna, and their son is Forseti (Fosite in Teutonic lore), the God of justice. (Nanna's father is the giant and star-hero Ivalde) Saxo Grammaticus wrote of Baldr as a warrior who contested with Hödhr to win Nanna.

Warned by several walkyrige, Hödhr gets a magic sword to kill Baldr, as well as an arm-ring to bring him wealth. He meets up with several forest-maidens (the walkyrige) and convinces them to let him to taste the magical food they are preparing for Baldr. This food was the source of Baldr's strength. Now being of equal strength as Baldr, he defeated and mortally wounded him. In Saxo's story, Baldr has a dream where the Goddess Proserpine promises her love to him. Odhinn uses magic and trickery to get a son by Rindr, to get revenge on Hödhr. This son was called Bous, and he killed Hödhr, even though he was but one night old.

The legends in the Edda tell us that:

Loki hated everything that Baldur stood for and plotted his death. During this time, Baldur had a dream, which he confided to his mother, Frigg. Frigg then went around getting oaths from all things that they would not harm her son... all things, except the mistilteinn which was "too young" to give its oath; so no promise was secured from it. Once Frigga had insured her son's life, the rest of the Gods amused themselves by throwing things at Balder. Baldur was killed when Loki directed the hand of Baldur's blind (twin) brother, Hod, (Hödhr, Hother, Hoder) in throwing a mistilteinn dart (fig), which struck him in the heart. Nanna, died of a broken heart. Hod was killed by his and Baldur's half-brother, Vali, who was born to Odin and his mistress, the giant Rand, to avenge Baldur's death.
Note: The legends say mistilteinn which was "pulled from the ground", not mistletoe, which is a parasitic plant which grows on trees. Mistletoe was certainly sacred to the ancient Druids and Norsemen; and perhaps it is because of this, that the yet unidentified mistilteinn was transformed into mistletoe.


Bast, (aka Bastet) is the wiccan Goddess of Bubastis. Her sacred animal is the cat. Bast symbolizes the moon, as a swelling womb. She is also the wiccan Goddess of pleasure, music, dancing and joy.


Bes is the wiccan God of luck, love, marriage and music. He is represented as being a bandy legged, pot bellied dwarf.


Blodeuwedd, pronounced blod-oo-eeth, (aka Blodwin, Blancheflor ("White Flower")) is the Welsh maiden form of the Triple Goddess. Blodeuwedd was created by Math & Gwydion to be a wife for Lleu. after plotting Lleu's death and committing adultry, she was changed into an owl. Invoke Blodeuwedd for wisdom, lunar mysteries, initiations and to cause your flowers to bloom.


Bóand, (Boann, Boannan, Boyne) is the Irish Goddess of the river Boyne, (in County Meath), and the mother of Angus Mac Og by the Dagda. She was the wife of Nechtán. Invoke Bóand for poetic inspiration and healing.


Bragi Boddason was a Scandinavian poet in the 9th century; but in later centuries, was made a 'God' by other poets. He is called the God of eloquence and poetry, and is the patron God of poets (skalds). Bragi has come to be thought of as a son of Odin and Frigg. He is married to the Scandinavian Goddess of eternal youth, Idun (Iduna). Bragi's tongue had Runes carved on it and he is said to inspire poets by letting them drink of the mead of poetry. Oaths are sworn over the 'Bragarfull' ("Cup of Bragi"), and toasts are drunk from it in honour of dead kings.


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