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Aromatherapy Magic - Page 2 -Medicinal Uses Essential Oils-Therapy-Extraction-Distillation-Cold Press


Getting Started

Some of you have asked how to get started using essential oils. Which oils should you have on hand? Well,there are many essential oils to choose from, over 100 are readily available. You do not have to purchase all of them to get started. I suggest you start with a bascic kit thatr contains some of the more common oils then add some of your favorites. Purchase small quantities and experiment with blending different oils together. Purchase one or two good books on aromatherpy to guide you. Take a class. Many are offered at health food stores, adult education classes and aromatherapy boutiques. Some of the oils to have on hand are:
Lavender::known to be calming, used for insomnia.General first aid, burns, bites. Use in baths (wonderful), massage, perfumes, inhalation.
Tea Tree: Antibacterial, Antiviral and Antifungal use for Cuts, bites,dandruff, atheletes foot. A first aid must. A drop may be used neat.
Eucalyptus: A must have for this time of year. Diffuse daily to kill cold germs in the air. Use for colds, sinus congestion, Use in diffuser, inhalation and massage peppermint: Aids headaches, a digestive aid, pain killer, travel sickness. Use in massage, compress, diffuser, inhalant.
Orange: Think happy! Another basic. Calming, yet uplifting, blends well with the other cotrus oils and Lavender.
Lemon: Great for cleaning. Fights germs and bacteria.Another refreshing citrus scent.Helps concentration.
Peppermint: Energizes, great when driving a long trip. Reduces nausea and headache. Improves digestion.



Essential oils are the natural substance extracted and distilled from aromatic plants. These oils have the power to heal, containing antibiotic, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties, effective to both our bodies, our minds, and our emotions.

Essential oils have to be combined with a “carrier” oil, and not used directly on the skin. When blended together, they can be applied directly to the skin or diffused through the air. Essential oils travel through the entire body and can be used to “treat” or “affect” different systems within our bodies.

When diffused through the air, essential oils affect our moods, emotions, and energy or anxiety levels. They can contribute to our overall well being. Also be sure to use pure essential oils and avoid “aromatherapy grade” (translated as synthetic) oils. Other than to smell pleasant, they have no therapeutic properties.




I have included some basic information on some of the more commonly used oils and how they might be beneficial in your life. Please don’t forget that this information is not meant to replace medical advice or treatment from your health care professional. I hope that you enjoy this information, and encourage to research and learn more about this valuable subject. Namaste….Dusty

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils as a ‘holistic’ treatment, balancing and harmonizing your body, mind and soul. Essential oils (sometimes referred to as ‘Medicines of the Earth’) are stored in tiny sacs between cells that carry the plants life force, or immune system. Essential Oils are extracted from different parts of flowers, fruits, barks, roots and leaves. They are derived from many different methods of extraction and the type of extraction depends on the type of plant the oil is being extracted from.

Essential oils regulate the plants functions, they are the carriers of the plants energy - they protect the plant from heat, cold, fungus, insects and assist plants in the fertilization or pollination process. Essential Oils are also considered the plants hormone system, which tends to mimic or own endocrine (hormone) system.

Society is beginning to understand that illnesses may originate in the mind and the ‘holistic’ approach may be necessary for healing both mind and body. Essential Oils act as a ‘biotic’ in a non-evasive manner, building and mobilizing your body’s own healing powers as opposed to a synthetic ‘antibiotic’ which adds further stress and trauma to living tissue, eventually causing allergies and side effects. Naturally, essential oils have a small number of constituents and trace elements. These trace elements have a synergistic effect on the other elements. Only those ‘exact’ elements give Essential Oils their therapeutic quality. The synthetic industry desperately tries to reconstruct these complex combinations of components which is virtually impossible. They also lack the ‘vital’ live force in it’s natural origin. There is a type of photography called ‘Carillon - in which you can see the energy fields that surround living organisms. Aromatherapy is a valuable complimentary treatment to current mainstream medicines. A photo of a freshly cut leaf, shows a distinct colorful aura. As time passes and the leaf dies, that aura disappears. Photographs of high quality essential oils show a strong visible aura.

Essential Oils affect our physiological well being and regulate physical imbalances. They also remove ‘toxins’ on which illness flourishes. Essential Oils invite us to appreciate mother nature. Our physical well being depends on us being totally well. We are intended to be in touch with nature and living in the city with all the pollution and concrete, makes it hard for us to do this. Essential oils allow us that luxury. The practice of aromatherapy includes many different forms. Proceed to the next page to start finding out about those forms.


Olfactory System

Our sense of smell is our most enduring and powerful of all our senses. It is linked with emotions which are stored in our limbic brain. Our memory of scent is longer lasting and more accurate than our sight or reasoning memory. Scent triggers our emotions affecting the autonomic system (controls nerves leading to your body’s glands and organs). Stress level, heart rate, respiratory and digestive systems are all influenced by our emotional state. Essential Oils fragrant molecules travel to the brain through the breathing process - having the ability to affect the brain immediately through the olfactory system. This is the only place on the body where the central nervous system is directly exposed to the environment. Our other nerves or senses must travel through our sensory path of neurons and spinal cord before reaching the brain. The oldfactory bulb is lined on both sides with a special tissue consisting of approximately ten million nerve cells covered with a thin layer of mucous. These nerve cells are replaced every twenty eight days. Each nerve cell has six to eight tiny hairs acting as receptors by electrical impulse to the oldfactory membrane (actual brain cells)



Essential Oils absorbed topically (through the skins pores) reach the bloodstream through connective and lymphatic tissues. This happens in approximately 10-20 minutes. Essential Oils have a minute molecular structure and the capability to penetrate the subcuteous or (fat) layer allowing easy penetration of the skin.

Caution must be taken when ingesting the oils and in early pregnancy. Only under the experience of a trained therapist are these methods to be recommended. When essential oils are taken internally they are least effective because they have to travel through gastric juices before reaching the specified organ needing treatment.


Essential oils are extracted from various different parts of flowers, fruits, bark, roots and leaves. There are many different methods of extraction and the type of extraction depends on the type of plant the oil is being extracted from. Here are some of the more widely used methods.



Small pieces of plant material are put into the container in the still. The Water below the container is heated to create steam and carries the oils extracted through the tube to the cold water - which carries it to the receptacle. The receptacle is filled with water and essential oils (essential oils are lighter than water) float to the top of the receptacle. Stainless steel stills are preferred to metal as some essential oils will cause metal to corrode.


Cold Press (Expression)

Citrus fruit has small (very visible) oil glands deposited in the skin of the fruit. The skin of the fruit is shredded, mixed with water, and extracted by pressure. No heat is used in this process as this would destroy volatile and important substances (as does overcooking vegetables.) It is very important that fruit used by this procees be of organically grown origin(ie. no pesticides).

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