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How To Make Essential Oil - Magic Formula To Use Oils - Natural Oil Bouquets

Oils which ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR HOME USE include, but are not restricted to: cinnamon, clove, hyssop, and sage.
Oils which SHOULD NOT BE USED DURING PREGNANCY include, but are not restricted to: basil, clove, cinnamon, fennel, hyssop, juniper, marjoram, myrrh, peppermint, rosemary, sage, and white thyme.
Oils which SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR STEAM FACIALS include, but are not restricted to: bay, clary sage, ginger, juniper, pine, and tea tree.
Oils which are PHOTOSYNTHESIZING include, but are not restricted to: lemon, bergamot, lime, and orange. Do not go out into the sun for at least two hours after applying these oils to your skin.
All essential oils should NOT BE INGESTED if you have, and are unsure, please contact your Poisons Information Centre.


The proportions listed here are the suggested ones. If you wish to deviate from these, simply keep in mind that the first ingredient listed should generally constitute the main scent. Each succeeding ingredient should be added to consecutively smaller amounts.
Note: See SUBSTITUTIONS for substitutions of oils for peoperties, elemental qualities or astrological purposes.

Add these essential oils to 1/8 cup of a base oil
Visualize as you mix and smell
For best results, don't use synthetics

Amber Oil

Used in love and healing mixtures.
This scent is the product of sperm whales. Used in aphrodisiac-type oils and perfumes. True ambergis is best avoided because of its origins, if you can't find artificial ambergris oil, try substituting the following bouquet, or compound, which is very close to true ambergris:
Ambergris Bouquet

Cypress Oil

Patchouly Oil (a few drops)
Bergamot Mint Oil
Bergamot has a minty-lemony fragrance. It is used in money and prosperity oils. There are a great many synthesized versions out ther and should not be used, instead, make up the following bouquet:
Bergamot Mint Bouquet
Lemon Oil
Lemongrass Oil
Peppermint Oil
Lemon Verbena
Often sold as "Verbena", this full, lemon-scented essential oil is wonderful in love blends.
A refreshing scent, useful in purification and protection.
Lotus Oil
There are no genuine lotus oils out there, all are blends of natural essential oils or synthetic substances that try to duplicate the delicious scent of the lotus. Add the diluted bouquet to formulas designed to promote spirituality, healing or meditation. If you wish to create your own, try the following recipe:
Lotus Bouquet
Rose Oil
Jasmine Oil
White or Light Musk Oil
Ylang-Ylang Oil
Mix until the scent is heavy, floral and "warm".



Magnolia Oil

Just as with lotus oil, no genuine magnolia oil exists. An excellent addition to meditation and psychic awareness oils, as well as love mixtures.Use a compound magnolia oil or make your own. Try to have a fresh flower nearby so that while mixing you can try to duplicate the scent, the following is a recipe for magnolia oil:
Magnolia Bouquet
Neroli Oil
Jasmine Oil
Rose Oil
Sandalwood Oil
The essential oil can be added to blends designed to enhance spirituality and meditation. It is also often used in healing mixtures.
Also known as Orange Flower essential oil. A fabulously rich, citrus scent, Neroli essential oil is quite expensive. However, a drop added to happiness and purification blends works wonders.


New-Mown Hay Oil

This is another fantasy that perfumers have been trying to capture. Add a few drops of the bouquet to transformative oils, especially those designed to break negative habits and addictions. Also, anoint the body in the spring with this bouquet (diluted, of course) to welcome the turning of the seasons. Try the following recipe to create your own:
New-Mown Hay Bouquet
Woodruf Oil
Tonka Oil
Lavender Oil
Bergamot Oil
Oakmoss Oil
The remarkably exotic scent of niaouli is excellent when used in protection formulas.



Use to attract money. Dilute and wear or rub into cash before spending. You can imitate this oil with the following recipe:

Oakmoss Bouquet
Vetivert Oil
Cinnamon Oil
A highly Solar scent, is added to purification blends.
A unique essential oil, smells like a combination of citrus and rose. Useful for love and healing.
Useful in money, sex and physical energy blends. Or, dilute and wear for these purposes.
This familiar scent is excellent when used for purification.
A protective, bitter orange scent. Useful in protective blends.
The resinous scent of pine is commonly added to purification, protection, money and healing formulas.
The accepted love scent. True rose essential oil (known as otto) and rose absolute (a different form) are expensive but, as with jasmine, one drop has powerful scenting properties. Rose essential oil is used in formulas designed to attract love, confer peace, stimulate sexual desires and enhance beauty. Do not use synthetics!
The familiar aroma of the culinary herb is captured in its essential oil form. Add to love and healing Magickal blends.
This ancient, sacred scent is used in spirituality, meditation, sex and healing formulas. Or, dilute and wear to bring these influences inside you.


Sweet Pea Oil

No genuine sweet pea oil is available. Diluted with a base oil, sweet pea bouquet is worn to attract new friends and to draw love, and so it is also used in such blends. Try creating your own with the following recipe:
Sweet Pea Bouquet
Ylang-Ylang Oil
Jasmine Oil
Benzoin Oil
An energy scent drenched with the powers of the Sun. Add tangerine essential oil to power and strength mixtures.



These have been used for a long time in creating artificial vanilla, it was widely sold in the U.S. until it was determined that this product was a health hazard. This warm, vanilla-like scent can be included in money recipes. Try creating your own scent with the following recipe:

Tonka Bouquet Benzoin Oil
a few drops Vanilla tincture (extract)

True tuberose oil is rarely available. This bouquet is a wonderful relaxer, and so is used in peace blends. The scent also induces love. You can create your own with the following recipe:
Tuberose Bouquet
Ylang-Ylang Oil
Rose Oil
Jasmine Oil
Neroli (just a hint)
A money scent. Add to such mixtures or dilute and wear. Anoint cash before spending.
One of the true treasures of the Earth, yarrow essential oil is naturally blue, possesses an incredible scent, and can be added in small amounts (due to its price) to love, courage and psychic-awareness blends.
The rich, tropical aroma of this essential oil is useful in promoting love, peace and sex. It can be worn on the body or included in such mixtures.

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