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Magickal Sachets
Also known as herbals charms (or amulets and talismans)-consist of herbs and other materials tied up in bits of cloth. They can be worn every day as a personal power booster or placed on the altar to magickally represent you. Sachets are easily made and have a long history. Cloth hasn't always been used. Herbs have been carried in horns, seashells, leather, fur and lockets. Magickal rings were made into sachets by placing an appropriate herb below the jewel. Thus, the energies of both gem and herb worked toward the magickal goal. Herbs were also sewn into clothing for protective purposes.

Creating Sachets
For most sachets, a handful or less of the empower herb mixture is more than enough, depending on its desired size. Household sachets tend to be larger than ones designed to be carried on the person. First, mix the herbs. Empower them with your magickal need. Know that the herbs are pulsating with specific, programmed energies that are being released toward your goal. Next, select the properly colored cloth. Choose a natural fiber material such as felt, wool or cotton. Synthetic materials such as polyester seem to disturb the herb's frequencies. Cut the cloth into a square from four to nine inches across. Place the empowered herbs on the center of the cloth, gather up the ends and tie them firmly together. You've trapped the herbs within the cloth. Use a natural cord such as wool yarn or cotton twine to shut the sachet.

Using Sachets
If it is a personal charm, hold it in your hand, squeeze it gently to release its fragrance, and carry with you at all times. If the sachet is designed for the house or car, squeeze and place it in the most appropriate spot. Replace with freshly made sachets every three months or so, disassembling and burying the old ones.

Sachet Recipes

Car Protection
Games of Chance
Home Protection
Nightmare Cure
Sacred Bundle
Spicey Rose
Travel Protection
Twelve-Herb Yule
Weather Protection



The Recipes


Anti-Sorcery Sachets

1 part Dillseed
1 part Flax seed
1 part Peony root

Tie up in white cloth, wear or carry, suspend over doors and windows.


Anti-Sorcery Sachets #2

1 part Trefoil (Clover)
1 part Vervain
1 part St. John's Wort
1 part Dill

Tie up in white cloth and wear. To guard your home, hang in a window.


2 parts Rosemary
1 part Juniper
1 part Caraway seeds
1 part Elder
1 pinch Garlic

Tie up in white cloth and hang over the front door to protect the home and its contents. If you don't enjoy the strong garlic odor, use a pinch of crumbled garlic skins.
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Anti-Toothache Sachet

1 tbsp. Salt
1 small piece Coal
1 Bread crumb

Tie up in a piece of red silk and carry when pains begin.


Aquarius Sachet

3 parts Lavender
2 parts Patchouly
1 part Benzoin
1 part Mace
1 part Mint

Mix, tie up in gray or some other dark-colored cloth that appeals to you. Wear or carry to strengthen the positive aspects of your sign.


Aries Sachet

3 parts Carnation
2 parts Juniper
1 part Fennel
1 part Frankincense
1 part Cumin

Blend the empowered herbs, tie up in red cloth and wear or carry to strengthen the positive aspects of your sign.
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