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Free Magic Salve - Cream Formulas - Page 2


Heal Crack Salve

1 oz Beeswax
1 oz Calendula infused olive oil
1 oz Plaintain infused olive oil
1 oz St. Johnswort infused olive oil
Melt all together til beeswax is melted then add:
6 drops Vit E
5 drops Pine needle e.o.
5 drops Chamomile (german) e.o.
5 drops Lavendar e.o.
5 drops Tea tree e.o.
Cool a bit , then pour into clean jars.

10 oz. coconut oil (solid, not fractionated)
2 oz. jojoba
3 oz. olive oil
3 Tbs. candelilla wax
1/2 oz. beeswax ( you can replace this with all candelilla wax if you'd
like, I was not happy with the consistency so I added some beeswax)
1 oz. cocoa butter
.5 oz. menthol crystals
10 drops peppermint
10 drops eucalyptus
10 drops naouli
Melt all ingredients together except for the menthol and essential oils.
Remove from heat, stir in menthol crystals, re-heat until crystals are
melted if needed. Remove from heat and let cool before stirring in the
essential oils or they will evaporate, pour into containers.
If you don't have experience in using menthol crystals, they are quite
powerful, so do wear a mask when using them and caution, you don't want
to have your head right over the bowl when mixing this item.



Becky's Itchy Salve

If using fresh herbs, gently spray clean and let wilt overnight in a dry place.
1 handful of chickweed
1/2 handful of chamomile heads
1/2 handful of calendula heads
2 Tbs. of thyme
2 Tbs. comfrey root
2 Tbs. marshmallow root
Cover with olive oil, infuse over low heat (never get above 200) for 3
Strain and add 1-2 oz.cocoa butter and 1-2 oz.beeswax, heat until
melted and pour into containers. Just drop a little on a plate and see
if it hardens enough, if not add more beeswax only a little bit at a
time and re-test.

Olive oil 1 cup or enough to cover the herbs(I don't like to
substitute, olive lasts a long time)
grated ginger root fresh 2 Tbs. dried about 4Tbs.
dried or wilted peppermint leaves 1/4-1/2 cup
Put in crock pot or double boiler and simmer over low heat for 3
hours. Strain out herbs, put back in pan over low heat and melt 1-2
Tbs. of beeswax in the oil, depending on how hard you want to make it.
When beeswax melts, remove from heat stir and pour into container, let
sit until cool.
*I add poplar buds to the herbs for pain and inflammation, simmer as

Here is another easy salve recipe. Lemon Balm contains Eugenol which
eases pain and calendula is great for all types of skin conditions, very
Most of you will remember that I don't always weigh my ingredients, so
these are approximate.
2 cups olive oil or sunflower oil (olive lasts longer)
3/4 cup lemon balm and calendula. Just throw handfulls in the measuring
container until you get 3/4. Try to use equal amounts of each.
Mix together and place in top of double boiler. Simmer over low heat for
2 hours. Remember to replace the water in bottom pot if it gets low.
Strain out herbs. In seperate pan or bowl if using microwave, melt 2
tsp. beeswax and 1 tsp. cocoa butter or lanolin. Add to the infused oil
and stir until cool. If you wanted to make this antibacterial, you would
add a few drops of tea tree or thyme eo when it cools. Put into jars and
label!!!!! Add the date.

These recipes require you to use parts rather than a specific volume of each herb. This technique is known as the Simplers' Method. Using this method allows you to easily adapt the recipe. If you want a small amount of salve you can choose one tablespoon as your part, if you want a large amount of salve you might choose 1/2 - 1 cup as your part. The amount of oil needed, is, enough to completely cover the herbs, plus an inch of oil above the level of the herbs.


Prepare a medicinal oil following one of the methods as previously instructed on the Making Your Own Preparations page.
Strain the oil. To each cup of oil, add 1/4 cup of beeswax. Heat the oil and the beeswax together over low heat until the beeswax is completely melted. Check for proper firmness by placing a small amount on a plate and placing in the freezer for a minute. Test the firmness and adjust if necessary. If you want a harder salve, add more beeswax. If you want a softer salve, add more oil. Now add any essential oils or *extras*.
When you are satisfied with the consistency, remove the mixture from the heat and pour immediately into clean jars or tins. Let cool before placing the covers on.
St. John's Wort Salve
Great all purpose salve. Use for insect bites, itching, wounds, burns ,and on fungal infections.
1 part St. John's Wort
1 part Calendula flowers
1 part Comfrey leaf
1 400IU Vitamin E oil capsule (optional)
Make an infused oil using the above herbs. Proceed as directed above, adding the vitamin E oil, if used, after removing from heat. To do this, poke the capsule with a sterile needle and squeeze the oil out.

Baby Salve

2 part Calendula flowers
1 part Comfrey leaf
1 part Comfrey root
1 part Plantain
1 400 IU Vitamin E oil capsule (optional)
Lavender essential oil
Make an infused oil using the above herbs. Proceed as directed above, adding the lavender oil and vitamin E oil, if used, after removing from heat. To do this, poke the capsule with a sterile needle and squeeze the oil out.
Adding the lavender oil gives additional healing benefits, but omit if an unscented salve is desired.




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