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Free Tincture Magic Formula


Please do not ingest tinctures. Make sure you are not allergic to them when applied on your skin, Please make sure you do not have a rection to such herbs and read the homeopathic herbal remedies page and the herbal correspondences page for more inormation.

Oils are widely used in magic to stimulate ritual consciousness through our sense of smell, as well as to add their own energies to spells. The scented liquids known as tinctures are just as effective. In magickal perfumery, a tincture is created by soaking dried plant materials in alcohol, which captures the odor. This process is fairly quick and easy, and creates wonderful products.
For tincturing you need an alcohol of at least 70 percent strength, or 140 proof. Vodka, which is pure ethyl alcohol, is only 90 proof, or 45 percent alcohol, so it isn't strong enough to produce the best scent.

Making Tinctures
Begin with a good supply of dried plant materials. Fresh herbs won't work due to their water content. Consult the list of recommended herbs on these pages or experiment on your own. Grind the dried herbs that are to be tinctured in your mortar and pestle. Reduce to the finest possible powder. This is especially important with woods such as sandalwood; you may wish to buy them pre-ground.
Next, empower the herb, keeping in mind the magickal goal of the tincture you're about to make. Pour the herb into a small bottle with a tight-fitting lid. Using a small funnel, pour just enought ethyl alcohol into the bottle to wet and cover the herb. Cap tightly. Shake the bottle vigorously every day for a week or two. Every time you shake, visualize the tincture's magickal goal.
Then, using a coffee filter (or a piece of cheesecloth laid in a strainer), strain the alcohol. The scent may be strong enought at this point-it usually is with gums such as frankincense and myrrh. If not, add more herb to the bottle and pour tha alcohol over it. Do this quickly; alcohol evaporates when exposed to air.
Let this sit again and repeat the process, shaking every day. The alcohol should become heavily scented and colored. If it doesn't you're using a plant that isn't readily soluble in alcohol. Add a bit of water to the alcohol and try again.
To correctly determine whether the tincture is properly scented, apply a drop or two to your wrist. Wait until the alcohol has evaporated and then sniff. Many tinctures won't smell true in the bottle. When the plants scent has completely overpowered the sickly-sweet alcohol odor, filter it one last time, bottle, add a few drops of castor oil or glycerine to stabilize the fragrance, and label and store in a cool place out of direct sunlight until needed.

Using Tinctures
One use is scented incense papers. This seems to work best with gum and resin tinctures or with any heavily fragranced tinctures. Some tinctures can be used to anoint the skin, to bring the plant's power within you, but try this out on a small area of the skin at first. Some tinctures can be irritating to the skin, while others leave rather nasty stains or gummy, sticky residues. Such as frankincense and copal tinctures. Lavender, clove, patchouly and many other tinctures are fine for anointing purposes, but all alcohol-based tinctures can dry sensitive skin.
You can also use them to anoint magickal tools, sachets, candles and jewelry; added to bath water, mixed in with oils, added to ointments and so on. A few quick notes: ethyl alcohol will quickly take scents from such spices as clove and star anise. Gums such as frankincense, myrrh, benzoin and copal also work well, though the results, as mentioned above can be rather gummy.



Tincture Recipes


Guardian Tincture
Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Tincture
Love Tincture
Money Tincture
Sacred Tincture
Third Eye Tincture

Guardian Tincture

Cinnamon Sandalwood Clove

Anoint yourself or objects for protection.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Tincture

Sage Myrrh Rosemary

Anoint your body, healing amulets (sachets), blue candles and so on to speed healing or to retain good health.

Love Tincture

Lavender Rosemary Patchouly

Anoint your body or love sachets to attract a love and to expand your ability to give and to receive love.

Money Tincture

Patchouly Clove Nutmeg Cinnamon

Anoint money before spending, anoint money amulets, your purse or wallet, cash register and so on.

Sacred Tincture

Frankincense Myrrh Benzoin

Anoint yourself to increase your involvement with spiritual activities, especially prior to meditation and religious rituals of all kinds.

Third Eye Tincture

Star Anise Clove Nutmeg Deerstongue

Anoint your pillow for psychic dreams (careful though, this will probably stain-use one pillowcase just for this purpose). Also anoint the wrists and forehead before using your natural psychic abilities.

This dark brown, translucent tincture is cleanly antiseptic-smelling, and is perfect for increasing business success and sharpening mental powers. It is used in purificatory rituals such as anointing and then burning a white candle. A few drops of benzoin tincture can be added to scented oils and to ointments to preserve them.

Use only real camphor. This produces a clear tincture with a penetrating, cool odor. Sniff it to lessen sexual desire. Use it to anoint healing amulets (sachets)or add to Full Moon baths.

A gorgeous, rich scent. Anoint money sachets, add to money baths, sniff to develop psychic powers, add to protective blends. The tincture is a deep red, almost brownish black hue.

Another incredible scent. Use in protection and exorcism formulas. Anoint money with clove tincture before spending. Use for love. Makes a transparent, light brown tincture.

This fine gum from Mexico produces a light yellow, translucent tincture that feels tacky on the skin. Its scent is a combination of frankincense and lemon. Anoint for protection and use in spirituality formulas.

A warm vanilla scent. Sniff to increase psychic powers. The light green tincture is also used to attract men.

Produces a beautiful golden-colored tincture with a full frankincense scent. Anoint tools, sachets or the body (if you don't mind being sticky). Use for spirituality, exorcism, purification, luck and protection rites. This is one of the best tinctures to use in scenting incense papers.

This rootstock produces a light yell tincture smelling of ginger and camphor. Use for luck, money, protection, exorcism and psychic development.

This light green tincture can be used to attract love; to produce sleep by anointing your forehead and pillow; to purify by adding to baths, and to promote chastity and peace.

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