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A bittersweet brown tincture. Myrrh is used for spirituality, healing and protection purposes. The scent recalls ancient times and is evocative when mixed with frankincense. Another tincture well suited for use with incense papers.

A translucent, reddish-orange tincture. Sniff to increase psychic powers, or anoint money, health and luck amulets (sachets).

This heady, earth-scented herb makes an evocative green tincture. It is useful for money, love and fertility purposes.

Though slow-going, the results are worth your efforts. this mint-green tincture is used in money, purification and love rituals. Anoint sleep pillows. Try spearmint, too.

A rich, resinous tincture, yellowish green in color. It can be used for nearly every Magickal goal; love, healing, protection, exorcism, sleep, lust and so on.

White Sage-produces a powerful, greenish-brown tincture. Its scent is somewhat similar to camphor with a strong "green-note". It is used in healing, purification, obtaining wisdom and protection, and can also be used to anoint wishing amulets or sachets.

This is another herb that is slow to tincture. Be sure to use ground sandalwood for this and give it a try. This tincture seems to take the longest to "cook", but when finished, smells like sandalwood with a slight cedary odor. Use for protection, spirituality, healing and exorcistic purposes.



Star Anise
This spicy, star-shaped herb produces a sassafras-smelling tincture. Sniff to improve psychic awareness, especially before working with tarot cards, rune stones and other divinatory tools.

A rich vanilla scent with a slightly bitter after-note. Anoint money, love, courage and wish amulets (sachets), but do not take internally. Tonka beans are poisonous and, therefore, are becoming harder to obtain.

This familiar culinary herb makes a rich, warm-smelling tincture. It is useful to attract love, to promote physical energy, and to stimulate mental processing.

Wood Aloe
This Malaysian bark produces a tincture smelling of ginger and pepper, highly resinous. It is perfect for anointing sacred tools, the altar, luck and spirituality amulets and talismans.
To reiterate: Don't sniff tinctures until after the alcohol has evaporated from them-after anointing. Once the alcohol evaporates, the herb's scent will blossom before your nose.

Witch's Love Potion

(Don't direct it or it's your karma)(Don't direct it or it's your karma)

1 teaspoon of dried and crushed basil
1 teaspoon of dried fennel
1 teaspoon of dried European vervain
3 pinches of ground nutmeg
1/4 cup of red wine
Place all of the ingredients into a cauldron. Mix together well, and then place the
cauldron over a fire. Light a pink candle which has been anointed with rose oil,
and say:
"Candle light, warm and bright,
Ignite the flames of love tonight.
Let my soul mate's love
Burn strong for me.
This is my will, so mote it be!"
After the love potion boils for three minutes, remove the cauldron from the fire
and allow it to cool. Strain the cooled liquid through a clean cheesecloth into a
cup. Add a bit of honey to sweeten the potion, and then drink it.
The best times to prepare the Witch's Love Potion, as with all love
potions and love spells, are on Fridays, Saint Agnes's Eve (The night of
January 20), Saint Valentine's Day (February 14), any night of the waxing
moon, and whenever the moon is in the Venus-ruled signs of Taurus
or Libra.
(Don't direct it or it's your karma)(Don't direct it or it's your karma)


(Don't direct it or it's your karma)
Materials Needed:
9 oz. sweet red wine
9 basil leaves
9 red rose petals
9 cloves
9 appleseeds
9 drops vanilla extract
9 drops strawberry juice
1 ginseng root, cut into 9 equal pieces
By the light of 9 pink votive candles, put these nine ingredients into a cauldron on the 9th hour of the
9th day of the 9th month of they year. Stir the potion 9 times with a wooden spoon, each time recite
the following magickal incantation:
Let the one who drinks this wine
Shower me with love divine
Sweet Love Potion Number Nine
Make his/her love forever mine
Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce the heat and let it simmer for 9 minutes. Remove from heat
and allow to cool. Blow 9 times upon the potion, bless it in the names of nine goddesses. Strain
through cheesecloth (or coffee filter--it is the 90's thank you). Store in a clean container and
refrigerate until you are ready to serve it to the one from whom you desire love and affection. Do not
allow anyone other than your beloved look at, touch or drink the love potion.
***WARNING: extremely potent and should be used with caution. It's results can be very intense, long-lasting and difficult to control or reverse.***
Don't direct it or it's your karma)


Materials Needed:
3 parts sassafras
2 parts cedar
1 part allspice
1 part clove
1 part dill
1 part vetivert
1 part calamus
Half fill a green glass bottle with fresh water. Add about a handful or so of the mixed, empowered
herbs. Cap tightly and leave in the sunlight all day. At dusk, sniff the water. If the scent is strong,
strain and add to baths, wash hands, anoint money charms and so on. If it isn't strong enough, chill
overnight and return to the Sun the following day.


Materials Needed:
1/4 cup lard
1/2 tsp. clove oil
1 tsp. chimney soot
1/4 tsp. dried cinquefoil
1/4 tsp. dried mugwort
1/4 tsp. dried thistle
1/4 tsp. dried vervain
1/2 tsp. benzoin tincture
Using mortar and pestle, crush the dried herbs until almost powdered. In small cauldron or saucepan,
heat the lard over low flame until completely melted. Add the herbs, clove oil and chimney soot to the
lard base. Mix well. Add the benzoin as natural preservative. Stir together clockwise and them
simmer ten to fifteen minutes. Strain into a small heat resistant container and allow to cool. Refrigerate
or store in a dark, cool place until ready to use. On the night of a Full Moon, anoint your temples and
Third Eye with a small amount of the ointment prior to astral projection or dream magic.

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