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Wiccan Correspondences

Wiccan correspondences help us to select the most favorable or desirable tools available to help us perform the magick in which we set out to use. By selecting the right tools and by using the right correspondences, these magickal efforts will help you to insure the most favorable outcome of
your wiccan experiences while using magick. These correspondences come in many forms
and have a wide variety of difference uses and outcomes. There are such correspondences
as crystal, herbal, colour, daily and also essential oil correspondences as mentioned above,
each is used in a different way for a specific purpose.



Herbal Correspondances

Essential Oil Correspondences

Herb, Oil and Crystal Correspondances

Tree Correspondences

Fruit, Nut and Vegetable Correspondances

Crystal Correspondences

Color Correspondences

Daily Correspondences

Timing Correspondences

Planetary Correspondences

Zodiac Correspondences

Sabbath Correspondences

Spell Casting Correspondences

Miscellaneous Crafts


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