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Use sprigs of these fresh herbs. Tie the stem-ends together with white thread or string and use to sprinkle brews on yourself, on others or throughout your house. Visualize while utilizing the asperger. Also use for sprinkling salt water around the home to dispel negativity. Aspergers are used in Wiccan and magical ceremonies. Make a fresh asperger for each use

Asperger #2



Use sprigs of the fresh plant materials. Tie to a handle of virgin hazelwood (from a tree that has not yet borne fruit) and use for sprinkling as in the above.
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Balefire (a magical fire)




Make a fire of the above woods and branches while visualizing its flames purifying and empowering all those near it. Use for any occasion when meeting with others for magical or ritual rites. It is purificatory and power-enhancing in its effects.

Frankincense Protective Necklet


Several ounces of Frankincense "tears" (small, rounded lumps)

Empower the frankincense tears with protective energies. Thread a short, thin needle with yellow cotton thread. Heat the needle in a gas flame, in hot water or in a candle flame. (If using a candle flame, quickly wipe off the lampblack-if any- that forms on the needle). Push the hot needle through the center of a frankincense tear and move it down onto the thread. Repeat the heating and threading process until you've created a necklet of frankincense "beads" that you can slip over your head. Knot the ends well and wear for protection or during magical rituals.
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Mexican Healing Rub


1 handful Yellow Daisies
1 handful Violets
1 handful Poppies
1 handful Rosemary

Mix together these fresh plant materials. Empower. Place in a large ceramic bowl. Wet the herbs thoroughly with vodka or some other nonodorous alcohol. If you don't wish to use alcohol, substitute apple cider vinegar. Rub the ill person's body with the wetted herbs, visualizing them absorbing the disease. When finished, bury the herbs and wash your hands.

Money Pentacles


4 tbsp. ground Cloves
4 tbsp. ground Cinnamon
4 tbsp. ground Nutmeg
4 tbsp. ground Ginger
a few drops Cinnamon oil
a few drops Clove oil
a few drops Nutmeg oil
2 tbsp. groun Gum Tragacanth (or Gum Arabic)
4 tbsp. Water

Combine the spices. Add the oils to them and mix well. Empower. Add the gum tragacanth to the water and mix thoroughly. Let it sit until it has absorbed the water. Add the ground, empowered spices to the gum/water mix and blend well with your fingers. This should produce a stiff, dough like mix. If the mix is too mushy, add a bit more of the ground spices. With your hands, form into flat, one inch circular shapes. Using a sharp knife, trace a pentagram (five pointed star) onto each flat circle. Let sit in a warm place out of the Sun to dry. When dried to a rock hard consistency, carry in the pocket or purse to attract money. Or, place on the altar between two green, flaming candles that have been anointed with patchouly or cinnamon oil. If you wish, make a larger pentacle of the spices and ring with green candles to speed money your way. After four weeks bury the pentacle in the Earth with thanks and use a new one.
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Astral Travel Pillow


3 parts Mugwort
2 parts Vetivert
1 part Sandalwood
1 part Rose petals
1 Vanilla bean, crushed
1 pinch ground Orris root

Make into a small pillow. Sleep on it to promote astral travel during sleep.

Dream Pillow


2 parts Rose petals
2 parts Lemon Balm
1 part Costmary
1 part Mint
1 part Clove

Sew up into a small pillow and sleep on it to have vivid dreams.
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Magic Pillows
Use each herb individually, or mix for several purposes. Make these pillows small, about five inches square. Set them on top of your regular pillows.

Anise: halts nightmares

Bay: pleasant dreams

Chamomile: restful sleep

Eucalyptus: healing

Hops: sleep, healing

Mugwort: dreams, psychic dreams

Peppermint: if used fresh, it induces sleep; replace daily

Thyme: happiness (eases depression)

Verbena: aphrodisiac

Yarrow: dreams of loved ones

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