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Wicca And Astral Projection

This is a text on the 'how to' of astral projection. It basically deals
with 'how to get out of your body' and is also about all the things you
can do and meet on the Astral Plane. It's a very good idea to read more
about all this. I recommend 'Astral Projection' by Denning & Philips
(Llewellyn Press). Their meditation is the one I use and is thus included
in this document. The Incense-recipe is from Scott Cunningham.

-- What is Astral Projection ?

Astral Projection is the projection of your mental body to any place
outside your physical body. To do this, the mental body needs a part
of your astral body to serve as its vehicle. It's not an unnatural
thing to happen. In fact, we unconsciously do it two to four times
at night, when we are asleep. Many little children for example report
'flying' dreams. Those weren't dreams, but astral projections. The real
fun starts if we can train our being to astrally project 'at will', or,
in other words, when we are conscious. When you are consciously 'out
there' (on the Astral Plane), you can go anywhere you want, see what
you want to see, heal the sick, work some spells and meet the other
beings on the Astral Plane; the elementals, the guides, other astral
travellers, earthbound spirits, angels etc. You can even have Astral
Sex! It's even more fun than Netsurfing!

-- How to do it ?

There are many ways to achieve Astral Projection. In fact, there are
about as many different ways as there are practitioners. Shamans may
call up on the help of nature spirits to take him out of his body. A
traditional Quabbalist may meditate upon the path between Yesod and
Tiphareth. A Golden Dawn or Enochian ritualist may use the 'skrying
in the spirit vision' rituals. So, there's not one way to do it. Please
remember this as you go along and feel free to make any adjustments
you want to make to the following meditation. As long as it 'feels
right', you're doing fine. The meditation in this text, however, was
designed to more or less 'bridge' the different methods used to
Astrally Project. It's Wiccan nor Crowleyian nor GD'ian nor whatever.
The designers (Denning&Philips) have taken a good look at all the
'overlapping' points in all those different rituals, and have concluded
that these 'overlap' points are the important 'points' in the process
of astral projection. They managed to sythesize these points into
the following meditation.



-- Preparation.

You have to prepare yourself properly before you can succesfully
astrally project. It takes a long, long time of hard work and practice
before you can just sit down and pop out. Only the best and most dedicated
magicians may achieve this status. Us mere mortals have to gradually
glide into the process and gently persuade our bodies to let go of
part of its consciousness and astral body. Here are some important

Learn the meditation properly by heart. This is easier than
you think. You can not project while you're reading this text.
Get into a steady life-rhythm. Wake up at the same time,
go to bed at the same time. The body really appreciates this!
Try to get as much good sleep as you can. 8 hours a night
is the absolute minimum. 10 hours is much better.
Get plenty of physical exercise. This will release energy
blocks and thus allow energy to flow more vigorously through your body.
Watch your diet! Try to stay away from arrousing stuff as
much as possible. No hot or spicy foods, stay low on fat.
No coffee or chocolate (try herbal tea instead) and
ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL ! Trying to project while under the
influence of this drug can get you into SERIOUS TROUBLE.
Try to eat no meat, or, if this is hard for you, as little
as you can. Try drinking plenty of water (no mineral water).
A big mug of water with some freshly squeezed lemon juice
can be a great coffee substitute at breakfast.
Pick a regular time at which you may try to project. This can
be at night, in the afternoon or in the morning. Just make it
the same time every time. The body doens't like surprises.
A good general rule.
Before you try to astrally project, concentrate on it. This
may start hours, days or even weeks in advance. Persuade your-
self that you ARE going to achieve it someday, and visualise
youself being out of the body already. This gets your being
in the right frame of mind.

Make sure you will NOT be disturbed while you perform the medi-
tation. Disconnect the phone and try to jam the door-bell.
Lock your cats away, and kick everybody else out of the house.
Any disturbance to this meditation (or any meditation) can be
extremely annoying, and get you into a really bad mood.
Pay attention to other disturbing factors. Your clothes for
example. You may want to perform this mediation naked, because
your clothes are too tight, or just getting in the way. Room
temperature is another factor. Not too cold, not too warm. Dis-
connect all the electrical wiring that surrounds you. They can
generate disturbing energy fields. In fact, any steel/iron/metal
in and on your body can seriously fiddle with your energy-flows.
So take out those earrings and tongue-piercings. Any accupunctu-
rist can tell you that it's not a good idea to just jam a piece
of metal in your nervous system. Oh, and here's a good one: re-
member to go to the bathroom before you start your meditation :)
If you insist on using music through the meditation, that's fine.
It doesn't work for me, though. I always end up just listening
to the music instead.

Make your room very dimly lit. This will relax your eyes. A
very important and often neglected step. Getting out is very
difficult when your eyes are still hard at work.
Like I said earlier: really work up to the moment you will
start the meditation. If you feel you're not up to it, then
don't do it. You will most likely not be able to project and
this will only lead to disappointment and eventually break
your moral. Always remember that it's a natural process and
that you CAN and WILL do it.
A few hours before the meditation, open all the windows and
doors in your room and allow fresh air to blow through it.
You may want to use the incense I included in this text. Burn
it beforehand and then extinguish the fire. Your body will
instinctively react to fire burning somewhere in your room and
relaxing will become very hard.
Make sure all your body's needs are satisfied. Make sure it's
not hungry, not thirsty. Don't eat anything 'heavy' before
meditating. Make sure your body is sexually pleased, although
after having a taste of astral sex, the urge for having sex
can actually be of help to achieve astral projection.

-- The Meditation.

Lie down, with your head pointing to the East. Relax. Make sure you're
in a comfortable position. Make sure your spine and neck are quite
straight. You may need a pillow to support your head. Breathe rhythmically.
In, hold, out, hold, in, hold, out, hold. Very deeply. Concentrate on your
breath. Feel it flowing and blowing through your body. In, down, trough
your lungs, cooling your ribs, all the way down to your genitals, hold it,
out, up through your belly, up your throat etc. Do this until you have
reached a very relxed posture and breathing rhythm. This may take a while,
so don't rush things.

Now do a muscle relaxation exercise. Clench your toes for a few seconds,
then relax. Feel the fatigue taking over your muscles. Do this again.
Do the same with all your muscles, working from bottom to top. Your legs,
your bottom, your belly, your chest, your hands and arms, your neck etc.
Particularly important is relaxing your face! Try to really wear out your
facial muscles. Stick out your tongue as far as you can, make funny faces,
clench your jaw, lift your head a little of the floor, make yourself look
like an idiot (this is why there should be no other people present :).
Then feel the fatigue and warm relaxation take over. Also try to relax
your eyes this way.

- Now comes the main meditation. It is made up out of four parts:

1. Energizing
2. Protection
3. Formulating the Astral Vehicle
4. Actual Projection


The energizing meditation is actually a very good meditation to per-
form whenever you feel like it. It balances out your chakras and
makes you feel fit and clear. It's also very important to perform
this meditation after having (whether or not succesfully) tried
to astrally project, because it will rebalance your being again.

On an 'out' breath, visualize the Crown centre (the top of
your head) as a sphere of brilliant, white light. Keep on
breathing until you get a steady image.
On an 'in' breath, draw down a shaft of white light to your
next centre, in this case the Brow (your forehead, the third
eye between your eyebrows).
On an 'out' breath, visualize a sphere of dove-gray light
on your forehead. Make sure you get a steady image.
On an 'in' breath, draw down a shaft of white light from your
forehead to your throat.
etc. etc. etc.

Here are all the centres and their colors. The shaft is always
made of white light. Visualize the spheres as being part inside
and part outside your body. When you visualize a sphere, quickly
recap al the spheres you already 'energized'.
Top of Head - Brilliant white
Forehead - Dove-gray
Throat - Intense mid-purple
Heart - Radiant Yellow
Genitals - Lavender, radiant and swirling

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