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The cycle of the Four Elements:
(1st) Fire, (2nd) Earth, (3rd) Air (4th) and Water

The cycle of the Three Modes:
(1st) Cardinal, (2nd) Fixed (3rd) and Mutable.

Again... each of the twelve Zodiac signs is a different cyclic combination of these four basic Elements and three basic Modes.

Here's a boring chart to look at so that you can see the cycles:
Sign Element Cycle Mode Cycle
Aries Fire Cardinal
Taurus Earth Fixed
Gemini Air Mutable
Cancer Water Cardinal
Leo Fire Fixed
Virgo Earth Mutable
Libra Air Cardinal
Scorpio Water Fixed
Sagittarius Fire Mutable
Capricorn Earth Cardinal
Aquarius Air Fixed
Pisces Water Mutable

Did you happen to notice how fire, earth, air, and water kept repeating its cycle (three times)? Did you notice how cardinal, fixed, and mutable kept repeating its cycle (four) times?
No? Well, then go back and look at the boring chart again....
And the fact is.... With a little brain strain and imagination - you can pretty much understand the basic qualities and characteristics of the twelve different Zodiac signs based solely on the cyclic Element and Mode combination.
I briefly discuss how one can do this in "What is a mutable/fire sign, anyway?" or "Missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me." I hate to brag.... but if you've never been able to make "heads or tails" of the Elements and Modes, then you might not want to miss this.

What is a "mutable, fire sign," anyway?
(or "Missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me!")
Take my word for it! The Modes and Elements are the very "heart and soul" of the 12 different Zodiac signs.
Modes: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable
Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water
Here's a typical, boring chart to look at:
Fire Earth Air Water
Cardinal Aries Capricorn Libra Cancer
Fixed Leo Taurus Aquarius Scorpio
Mutable Sagittarius Virgo Gemini Pisces



Mutable Sagittarius Virgo Gemini Pisces
And so mastering (or - at least - starting to master) the concept of the Modes and Elements is "potentially" an invaluable resource for gaining a firm grip on the general characteristics 12 different Zodiac signs (without resorting to boring rote memorization).
However, I must have had the abstract concept of "Modes and Elements" explained (and re-explained) to me in at least a dozen different ways over the passage of time. So, here's my humble version of the Modes and Elements (which utilizes just a wee bit of visual imagery to get the point across). If it helps out, use it. If it confuses you even more, dump it....

Modes of Reaction

There are 3 different "modes" of reaction:
Cardinal (active) - adapts to external demands

Fixed (steadfast) - adapts to internal demands

Mutable (flexible) - adapts back and forth to both external and internal demands
Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable?.... Huh?
Chances are.... what I've said so far means less than zero to you? So let's back up and try a more visual image....

Imagine there's someone standing in front of you.
Now imagine, this person is holding a rock in their hand.
Now imagine this person has just thrown the rock at you....

A Cardinal (active)
reaction would be to throw a rock back at the jerk.

A Fixed (steadfast)
reaction would be to stand there unaffected by the rock, and then taunt them with something like: "Hey, go ahead and hit me again! That didn't hurt at all, you little wuss!

A Mutable (flexible)
reaction would be to cleverly dodge the rock, and then "thumb your nose" at their lousy aim.
Now remember, all I'm saying here is that these are different kinds of reactions. Not every person with a mutable sign - if actually faced with this situation - would have this particular "mutable reaction."

And guess what, gang? Since there are 12 astrological signs - then
4 are Cardinal or active (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

4 are Fixed or steadfast (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

4 are Mutable or flexible (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)
(Looking at a zodiac wheel, you'll notice the 4 members of each Mode form a square in the circle. The individual members of these Mode groups have an "uncomfortable" connection with each other.)

We've already talked about the 3 Modes of reaction:
Cardinal (active)
Fixed (steadfast)
Mutable (flexible)

So let's talk about the 4 Elements
Fire - outgoing, action oriented, impulsive, and "fiery"
Earth - physical, practical, sensual, and material
Air - mental perceptions, thought, communication, and abstract ideas
Water - sensitive, feeling, empathic, and healing

And guess what, gang? Since there are 12 astrological signs - then:

3 are Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) outgoing, action oriented, impulsive, and "fiery"

3 are Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) physical, practical, sensual, and material

3 are Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) mental perceptions, thought, communication, and abstract ideas

3 are Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) sensitive, feeling, empathic, and healing
(Looking at a Zodiac wheel, you'll notice the three members of each Element form an equilateral triangle in the circle. Individual members of these Element groups have a "comfortable" connection with each other.)


Fire is outgoing, action oriented, impulsive, and (of course) "fiery."
And since the above imagined "action scenario" of rock throwing (primarily) belonged to the element of "fire":
The Cardinal (active) + Fire reaction was a typical Aries reaction.

The Fixed (steadfast) + Fire reaction was a typical Leo reaction.

The Mutable (flexible) + Fire reaction was a typical Sagittarius reaction. (And again, not every Sagittarian would dodge the rock!)
Got it so far?
Aries = Cardinal (Active) + Fire = "Here's a bigger rock for you, jerk!"

Leo = Fixed (Steadfast) + Fire = "Hit me with your best shot, sucker! That didn't hurt!"

Sagittarius = Mutable (Flexible) + Fire = "Missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me!"
And by the way - we've ALL got Aries energy, when (and if) we really, really need to muster it up. It's just that some folks tend to act and react more typically "Aries" than other folks.
Want One More Example?
How about the water signs? The element of water is sensitive, feeling, empathic, and healing.
So try throwing a "feeling" at a water sign:
Cancer = Cardinal (Active) + Water = They'll throw another bigger, more powerful feeling back at you = Flowing Rivers.

Scorpio = Fixed (Steadfast) + Water = They'll take you deeper into your own feeling = Bottomless Lakes.

Pisces = Mutable (Flexible) + Water = They'll take over the feeling, adapt it, and make it a part of themselves = Vast Oceans.
Here's that boring chart again:
Fire Earth Air Water
Cardinal Aries Capricorn Libra Cancer
Fixed Leo Taurus Aquarius Scorpio
Mutable Sagittarius Virgo Gemini Pisces
III - Aspects
Next up are the aspects.... If you've looked at astrology at all (beyond the daily newspaper) - then you've probably heard of "aspects." Aspects are special degrees of separation between the planets that act as dynamic connectors.

Typical aspects are the:
sextile (nope, it has nothing to do with sex).

When two of the planets share one of these connections - the two planets actively exchange energy with one another. They dialogue with one another (like two characters in play or movie). They have conversations with one another. Perhaps (depending on the planets involved and the type of aspect) their energies will blend - and they'll be happy compatible companions.... Or, maybe, their individual energies will conflict - and they'll wind up in opposite corners and feuding.

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