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Reduce Garbage, Eliminate Landfills
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost, Sell, Donate, Collect...
Just don't throw it out!
Saving our earth starts with

Also, if you happen to be in the position where you can found either an environmental, animal rights or human rights group, I'd recommend you do it. These causes need all of the support they can get. Remember, you're never too young, too old, or too far removed from the problem to make a difference.


These are some ideas that my friends and I have come up with over the years. They're extra cool because not only do they save the environment, they save money. The more creative you are the more money you save. So use these ideas, pass them along to friends, and please please please send me any ideas you have for eliminating garbage so that I can post them as well.


Reuse Your Trash

Aluminum Foil
Save, cut into tiny pieces (using a paper cutter), and use for whenever you need glitter.
Flatten, wash and store used foil. Reuse at a later time.

Archery Arrows
Use to tie up plants for support.
Replace plastic "feathers" and arrow tips if the arrow is still useable.
Automotive Floor Mats (rubber/carpeted)
Use as a floor mat for leaky containers in the garage or basement.
Use as a boot tray for inside your house.
Place clean mats next to a kitty litter box to keep the litter from being tracked all over the house. (Sandi; Bailey)
Put a carpeted floor mat in a pet cage (like a cat-carrying case) as a durable and soft place for your pet to nap. (Amanda K.)
Spread across the tailgate of your truck to protect it while your dogs are getting into and out of the truck. (Bailey)
Put them on top of the carpeting inside your vehicle to protect it from wet and muddy dogs. (Bailey)
Take with you when you go on a picnic. Put them on a picnic table bench if it's wet from rain or dew or on the ground if no benches are around. (Bailey)
Place plastic mats under pet water/food dishes to catch spills.

Baby Food Jars
See Jars--Baby Food/Boullion

Baby Wipe Containers
Use the cylindrical type with the hole at the top to dispense balls of yarn. It keeps the yarn from getting tangled. (Lois)



DON'T USE!!! Use tupperware instead.
For those of you who need your baggies, wash them out and reuse them for your next lunch.
Wash and use for storage of "travel" tissues--you know, the small plastic package containing 10 tissues that you usually pay 50 cents for.
Place blown-out lightbulbs in a baggie before throwing them away. If it is accidentally crushed, the pieces won't tear the garbage bag. (LoisMIT)

Bags--Paper (grocery)
Use for garbage bags around the house.
Use to cover school text books.
Bags--Paper (lunch)
Don't use.

Bags--Plastic (grocery)
Use the plastic bags you get from stores for liners in garbage cans around your house. (Cathy)
Keep them in your car for garbage. (Cathy)
Use for stuffing pouf valences. (Gail)
Cut into strips and tie around a coathanger which has been formed into a circle to make a Christmas wreath. (Rachel)
Use for picking up and disposing of scoopable cat litter clumps. (Pax)
Take with you when walking your puppies instead of a bulky pooper scooper.

Using a long string, hang a ball from the garage ceiling indicating where a new driver should stop the car. Hitting it won't do any damage to the car and it will prevent the driver from hitting something else.
Give soccer balls, footballs, tennis balls, etc. to dogs for chew toys. (Shelley)

Keep old set in case one of your good balls break.
Keep for when the kids are playing so they don't destroy good ones.

Donate to a bowling alley. (Neli)
Put artificial flowers in the holes and use as a vase. (MoonBelly)
Put one of the pretty, colorful ones in an outdoor garden. (Jon)

Baseball Bats
Use for a plant support. (Shelley)
Keep in your bedroom in case of an intruder.

Use to tie back tree branches. (Kevin)
Use for tying young trees to supports. (Kevin)
Trim and glue to the bottom of your computer monitor for a non-scratch surface. (Kevin)

Belt Buckles
Remove from old belts and save in case you break one.
Binders (three-ring)
Cut out the section which has the rings on it, drill a hole through the rivets, and then screw the strip to a wall. Use to store commonly used utensils, paint brushes or your keys.
Duct tape the seams and the pockets together if they rip and continue to use it for classes.
Use for orderly storage of bank statements, credit card statements, etc.
Print out your favorite recipies on paper and then store in a binder. (You can find them much quicker this way than searching through several cook books.)

Keep an old one in your car for emergencies.
Fold in half the long way, sew it together, and use it as an exercise mat. If it is not cushy enough, sew two together. If you don't have access to a sewing machine, just fold it.
Keep for use at the beach or when on a picnic.
Take when camping so you don't destroy a good one.
Use for lining a pet's cage to make it more comfortable.

Books and Magazines
Donate books to a library.
Sell college books directly to other students (by-passing the college bookstore) and let them save a TON of money.
Set up a table at your church where people can drop off their old magazines and other people can buy them for 50 cents. Then give the money to charity.
Use cool magazine pictures as envelopes. (Marie)
Make bath toys by cutting pictures out of a magazine and covering them with contact paper, leaving a one-half inch lip around each piece to allow it to seal. When these pieces get wet, they will stick to the bathroom tile. (Mijesa)
Use old magazines to make cool collages for gifts. (Rose)

Lash the bottles together and make a toy raft. (Vanessa)

Bottles--Beverage (Glass)
Use an old beer bottle as a candle holder--the wax dripping over the side will make pretty designs. Keep an eye on it to make sure nothing burns. (Jon)
Fill a clear glass bottle with small candies.
Make a wine bottle into a vase.
Use a larger wine bottle as a bank.

Bottles--Beverage (Plastic)
Fill with water and freeze. They make nice "blue ice" for coolers--especially longer trips. Don't forget to leave room for the expanding water.
Give it to your puppy. It becomes a (noisy) toy! (My Dog)
Make it into a vase. Partially fill it with marbles, stones or something fairly heavy to keep it from tipping. Then paint it to match your decor.
Fill with colored sand and use as a doorstop.
Use to make your own bottled water.
Use large, sports drink bottles as pitchers for juice at home (Glamour Gal).
Fill with homemade beer and wine. (Flip) You must be of legal drinking age to use this idea.

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