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Wicca And Numerology - Page 1


The single primary number from the numerical values of the letters of your name gives you your name number. You can see, then, that it is very much hit-and-miss as to whether your given name will agree with your birth number. This is why we take a new name in the Craft; so that we can have a name number in perfect balance with our birth number. Let's look now at the value attached to the primary numbers.

Number & Letter Chart






































1: Sun - Fire - Letters A, J, S

Very much the driving life force. A leader. Ambitious. Tends to be impatient. The explorer. The extrovert. Automatically assumes command. Frequently a "big brother" or "big sister". Very strongfeelings either for or against. Would not knowingly hurt anyone but might not realize her/his own strength. Can stand being praised and is entitled to it. Praise can spur to greater things.
Primary Color: Red
Secondary Color: Brown, Yellow, Gold


2: Moon - Water Letters B, K, T

Sensitive, domestic. Tends to be emotional and easily influenced to tears. Has a fertile imagination. Very fond of the home. Patriotic. accepts changes in surroundings. Prefers to live near the water.Often possesses musical talents and would make a very good psychic.
Primary Color: Orange
Secondary Colors: Green, Cream, White


3: Jupiter - Fire - Letters C, L, U

The investigator; the scientist; the seeker. An interest in the material rather than the spiritual. Ideal on religion frequently change. Has a great sense of humor. Not greatly interested in money. Very trusting, yet likes to know the "why" and the "how"
Primary Color: Yellow
Secondary Colors: Mauve, Violet, Lilac

4: Uranus - Air - Letters D, M, V

Inclined to appear strange and eccentric because s/he is usually ahead of her/his time. Very interested in the occult; in psychic research. Inclined to anything out of the ordinary. Strong intuitivetendencies. Can be bitingly sarcastic if crossed. Believed in liberty and equality. Can usually predict the probable outcome of actions and businesses.
Primary Color: Green
Secondary Colors: Blue, Gray


5: Mercury - Air - Letters E, N, W

Active, both physically and mentally. Inquiring, exploring. Fond of reading and researching. Good at languages. Would make a very good teacher, writer, secretary. Makes friends easily. Usually methodical and orderly; adept at simplifying systems.
Primary Color: Blue
Secondary Colors: Light shades of any color


6: Venus - Earth - Letters F, O, X

Gentle and refined; pleasant and sociable. Usually good looking. Natural peacemaker; able to soothe ruffled feelings. Often experiences difficulties in financial fields. Excellent as a host orhostess. Friendly and agreeable.
Primary Color: Indigo
Secondary Colors: all shades of blue


7: Neptune - Water - Letters G, P, Y

Frequently possesses ESP. Extremely "psychic". Introvert. Although s/he does not say much, s/he usually knows a great deal. Mysterious. Often interested in psychology, psychiatry, chemistry and botany. Knowledgeable in astrology and all fields of the occult. Fond of fishing. Inclined to take from the "haves" and give to the "have-nots."
Primary Color: Violet
Secondary Colors: Light shades of Green & Yellow


8: Saturn - Earth - Letters H, Q, Z

Inclined to be cold and pessimistic. Not much sense of humor. Often slow getting off the mark but usually ends up ahead of the game. Successful, especially where money is concerned. Frequentlyconnected with mining, real estate and the law. Also with cemeteries and pawnshops. Believes that hard work never killed anyone. Often prepossessed with thought of the past.
Primary Colors: Rose
Secondary Colors: Dark Gray, Blue, Purple, Black

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