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The mount of Venus carries with it attributes of vivacity, robust energy, sympathy, generosity, an affectation for music, and "kindred social virtues which attract the opposite sex (67)." If the mount be well-developed, the bearer possesses a healthy digestion, physical vitality, and a convivial and empathetic manner. Should there be no ill marks on the hand to impugn the power of this mount, the bearer will always have a plentitude of friends.
An overdeveloped mount carries with it an unhealthy and over-exercised desire for sensual activities, be they of eating, drinking, or venereal congress. A greatly swollen mount of Venus that is red in hue is a very bad sign, as the bearer will be consumed with a violent passion for the opposite sex(64). This is modified, however, by the location of the overdevelopment. If it be puffy near the thumb, the individual is ruled by emotions; when located lower down on the mount, the bearer is self-indulgent and egocentric in their pursuits. Naturally, both attributes will be present if both areas are puffy.
If underdeveloped, the mount tells of a lack of energy, a poor resistance to disease, and dark pessimism. Though the bearer of such a mount is capable of love, it will manifest itself mentally rather than physically(90). If the mount isn't necessarily flat but narrow, the owner demonstrates a cautious nature.
The mount of Jupiter denotes ambition, pride, enthusiasm in anything attempted, and a desire for power(64). Those who bear a well-developed mount will promote themselves through industry and honesty, and possess a strong sense of religion: "a sense that power should be spiritual as well as worldly(120)." The reader may find this confusing, as both the mount of Luna and the mount of Saturn relate to religion. The defining characteristics of this differ, however, in that one with a well-developed mount of Jupiter carries with them a love of ceremony and display(47), and thus it is the procedure and the recognition of religion which enchants them. With favorable marks, it denotes a well-developed leadership ability rather than raw pushiness that an otherwise unrefined mark would carry. Finally, it represents activism, be it in political, social, or interpersonal causes. This mount's role plays an important part in determining the idealism of an individual, and is especially important in conjunction with the line of the heart.
If overdeveloped, the individual becomes bossy and pushy, pompous and vain. Greed and extravagance are also exhibited. The individual enjoys wielding power for egocentric ends. This individual will find it difficult to make and keep rewarding friendships, as their ego will often countermand the truly generous and attractive traits necessary for perpetuating the friendships. Instead, the friends of such an ambitious person will often find themselves as mere tools of their ambition, and if the bearer lack positive markings on the mount or a well-developed mount of Mercury, this reality will be glaring indeed for his friends, for the bearer has not even the tact to attempt to conceal or soften their utility. All of the above traits are accentuated if the finger of Jupiter is long as well.
An underdeveloped mount of Jupiter will bring a lack of confidence and drive resulting from feelings of inferiority, and as such, the bearer may be easily manipulated, trusting not their own leadership instincts, but those of others who are more assertive. They will also lack drive and wallow in idleness (89).



The mount of Saturn is a measure of one's soberness and studiousness. Those with well-developed mounts can be expected to enjoy solitude and possess prudence and patience in their expectations and actions. Where the mount of Venus contributes to one's social virtues, the mount of Saturn is unconcerned with society, and one may expect an asocial nature from one who possesses a very strongly developed mount. Its meaning is greatly intertwined with the line of fate, which is primarily concerned with one's course in life: their career, business, direction, and drive.
If overdeveloped, this can lead to a large degree of morbidity, inner disquiet, unhappiness, miserliness, and misanthropy. Unfortunately, the studious, critical nature of the individual may be over-emphasized and result in pessimism, suspiciousness, and paranoia. If coupled with a full mount of the moon and a sloping line of head, there exists a penchant for suicidal tendencies.
If underdeveloped, The bearer possesses low vitality, little confidence, a low degree of self-control, and is easily influenced. They will tend not to treat matters as seriously as should be necessary. Henry Frith goes as far to declare such a hand the grim token of a "wasted existence."(89)
Where one finds Apollo, one finds fame, self-actualization, and the arts. It also signifies the charisma of the bearer, owed to an intuitive understanding of others.(105) An Apollonian possesses a vivacious affection for those he loves, but this sort of love is neither amorous nor sensual; it being instead a desire for synergy and empathy with the beauty he witnesses.(57) The bearer possesses a divine enthusiasm for all that is beautiful and artistic, be it imaginative poetry, sweeping symphonies, or merely susurrant plaints from grass bowing to a breeze. Do not, however, equivocate a love for the arts with a talent for the arts. For the bearer to possess both traits, look to the mount of luna and the line of the head for confimation.
If the mount be overdeveloped, the wearer will exhibit snobbery, selfishness, vanity, foppishness, and artistic egotism. As they long for public recognition, they are often overly credulous when praised and may fall prey to flatterers. Those who show off will possess an equally aggrandized mount of Apollo.(139)
An underdeveloped mount denotes poor intuition, lack of interest in the arts, and less of an exhibition of flash and drama. They will possess a nondescript demeanor, and their life will exhibit little but the monotony their drab existence creates.(106) These dullards will be content with less cerebral pursuits, accustomed to their creature comforts and material gains.(89)
The Mount of mercury betokens great mental acuteness, an alacrity of wit; a love of change, novelty, and adventure; and a flair for science and critical thought. This is the mount of salesmen, doctors, actors, scientists, lawyers, and, unfortunately, con men and grifters. Their dexterity of wit and staggering resilience belie their great talent in eloquence and tact, and thus denotes an individual capable of great acts of diplomacy. And unlike the idealistic Mount of Jupiter, the introspective mount of Saturn and the artistic and effervescent mount of the Sun, the mount of Mercury signifies the practical application of one's intuitive abilities.
If it be overdeveloped, the bearer will want of morality and instead implement their blessings for perfidious means. They will abuse their verbal dexterity and wield their unctuous nature for selfish gains, as are evident in a swindler or a charlatan.(90) The individual may also be rife with the vices of alchohol and drugs, though this should be collaborated with the mount of Venus.(107) If coupled with short fingers, the bearer will suffer fits of impulsiveness and bitter temper.
If underdeveloped, the mounts denote a dullard lacking both enthusiasm and charisma. Powers of communication are clumsy and inelegant, and talent for business, science, and literature is poor.(107-8) If the mount be completely lacking, the individual possesses no sense of humor.(155)
The mount of Luna is a symbol for external influences on one's life, and the "inner way in which we deal with the outer world".(152) Lines that stream from this mount are in concordance with travel and strangers who affect our lives. It is the hallmark of inspiration, dreams, occultism, creativity, and ideality. As a result of this, the mount of Luna indicates the creative output of an individual. They are lovers of journeys, especially regarding the sea. A well-developed mount of Luna with no conflicting marks will designate the bearer as one who rides the currents of imagination, who captures the beauty of its waters with poetry, prose, art, and other abstract and synaesthetic media. These are the dreamers, the romancers, whose headiness is amplified further with long, slender, and tapered hands.
All that the archetype of the moon and femininity provides us, we may find in the mount of Luna. Darkness, mysteriousness, water, intuition, coldness, occultism. Let these primal symbols be your guide as you chart the expanses of the palm.
NB: If there be a large bulge near the bottom of the palm, the subject possess a more sensual imagination, fired by contact with external stimuli and sensations. If the bulge be at the top, nearer the mount of upper Mars, the imagination is more intuitive and internalized.(157-8)
If overdeveloped, the bearer may have difficulty in differentiating their world with reality, or they, in their deference to their dream world, will withdraw from reality themselves. They have a propensity for excessiveness in spirituality and love of beauty. They are anxious and uneasy as the result of their hyperstimulated imaginative faculties. They are subject to delusion, and may deceive others quite unwittingly as they are drawn into their fantasies. It is no coincidence that there exists the term "lunacy."(154)
If the mount be underdeveloped, the bearer lacks enthusiasm and imagination. This want of imagination makes it difficult to conceive the point of view of another person.(161) A flat, white mount betokens an utter dearth of imagination, coupled with bleak and bitter pessimism.(93)
The presence of Mars is observed in three sections of the hand: There is the mount of lower Mars, which lies just above the mount of Venus and is typically enclosed by the lifeline. It often is of a slightly more pinkish taint than its surrounding areas. The mount of upper Mars lies above the mount of Luna and below the line of heart on the percussion of the hand. It is integrated more thoroughly with the mount of Luna, but closer examination should reveal a slight bulge where the mount of Luna should be tapering. Between the two lies the plain of Mars, the smooth expanse in the center of the hand. It is interesting though not terribly edifying to note that the plain of Mars is marked with a large 'M', the 'M' being composed of the lines of heart, fate, head, and life.


The Mount of Lower Mars

The mount of lower Mars ordains the active manifestation of an individual's energies: It is the martial spirit(95), enthusiasm, aggressiveness, strength and power.(62) This mount is the mark of a pugilist, a soldier, and on occasions, a bluffer.
If overdeveloped, the individual is hotheaded and eager to either start fights or join the fracas. They are forceful, quarrelsome, and selfish(65), and indulge in the more base pleasures of eating, drinking, and when collaborated by the mount of Venus, a propensity for sinful designs pertaining to the opposite sex, which need not be discussed here.
If underdeveloped, the bearer will be spineless. They will possess poor confidence, they will be withdrawn and uncertain, and they will have difficulty motivating themselves.(97)
The mount of Pluto is not typically documented in most palmistry texts, and in all truth of the matter, was only encountered in one text. However, though its historical precedent may not exist, the reader may find its curious portent of interest.
The mount of Pluto can be found at the base of the wrist directly beneath the mount of the moon, if it at all exists. Its presence signifies wisdom, and the bearers of such a mount will often serve as mentors and be a trusted and dependable source for temperate advice.
Transverse Markings
A transverse marking is an evil sign that serves to drain the positive qualities of any mount it is found upon. Though a person may have the markings of a heroic mount, these qualities can be reduced to depravity if bespoiled with a score of transverse lines. An example of such a misfortune are transverse lines across the Mount of Mercury, which indicate that the bearer will use their talents of diplomacy and tact for deceit and guile for ill gains.

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