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Wiccan Book of Shadows

AKA: Grimoire
A diary in which a Witch records his or her personal spells, invocations, rituals, dreams, recipes for various potions, and so forth. Some traditions say it must be hand-written, others say it doesn't matter. A Book of Shadows may be kept by an individual witch or by an entire coven . In the event of a Witch's death, the Book of shadows may be passed down to his or her children or grandchildren, kept by a High Priestess & High Priest of the Coven (if the witch was a member of one at the
time of her death), or burned in order to protect the secrets of the Craft. whichever course of action is taken, of course, depends entirely upon the customs of the particular Wiccan tradition and/or the Witch's own personal wishes.
A magickal journal kept by each wiccan initiate, in which spells, invocations, ritual notes, herbal recipes, dreams, divination results and material from the coven book can be recorded. Some people write in Thesbian script or in other alphabets.
Sew into the cover of the Book leaves of the sacred herbs vervain, rue, bay, willow or others, if you wish. They should be well-dried & secretly placed by the light of the moon. The covers of the Book of shadows should, of course, be covered with cloth.
Book of Shadows Outline
Book Blessing



Favorite Quotes & Magickal Rules
Magickal Information
1.Alphabet (Magickal) Research
2.Astral Projection Research
3.Astrological correspondences
4.Alantean Wand Instructions
5.Bi-Location Research
6.Biofeedback Research
7.Candle Magic Research
8.Chakra Research
9.Crystal Research
10.Color Magic Research
11.Compass Point Research
12.Divination Research
13.Dowsing Research
14.Druidic Research
15.Earth Magic Research
16.wiccan Magic Research
17.Elemental Tables
18.Emotions (Human) Research
20.Gem Research
21.Ghosts & Talking to the Dead
22.God/Goddess Research
24.Herb Magic Research
25.Magickal Correnspondence Tables
26.Magickal Definitions t
27.Moon Magic Research
28.Power Research
29.Psychic protection Research
30.Sensitivity Research
31.Shamanistic Research
32.Spell Casting Research
33.Symbol & Sigil Research
34.Tarot Research
35.Telepathy Research
36.Time Research
37.Vision Questing Research
38.Webweaving Guide
39.Women's/Men's Spirituality Research
Spells, hands-on information, working information, rituals, healing herbs, formula & other Basic instructions.

What is a Book of Shadows?

A Book of Shadows is a place to store all the information that you collect while you are studying. You can put anything from the Gods & Goddesses to rituals to even your deepest thoughts into it. Some people even have a DOS (Disk of Shadows) or two different books that they use. A Book of Shadows for information that they collect & a Book of Rituals for their rituals and spells.


What is in a Book of Shadows?

Book Blessing (ex: Morrigan’s Book Blessing)
Wiccan Law
Wiccan Rede
Index if desired

*Alphabet (Magickal) Research
*Astral Projection Research
*Astrological Correspondences
*Atlantean Research
*BiLocation Research
*Biofeedback Research
*Candle Magic Research
*Chakra Research
*Civilization Magic Research (ex: Druidic, wiccan, Lemurian)
*Crystal Research
*Color Magic Research
*Compass Point Research
*Divination Research (ex: Tarot, Dowsing, Runes)
*Earth Magic Research
*Elemental Tables
*Emotions (Human) & Sensitivity Research
*Ethics (ex: Rule of Three)
*God/dess Research
*Herb Magic Research
*Magickal Correspondences Tables
*Magickal Definitions
*Moon Magic Research
*Power Research
*Psychic Protection Research
*Religion Research (ex: Hindu, Buddhism, Pagan)
*Shamanistic Research
*Spell Casting Research
*Spirit Research
*Symbol & Sigil Research
*Telepathy Research
*Time Research
*Vision Questing Research (also meditation)
*Webweaving Guide

How To Make Your Own Book of Shadows


Binder or Folder (Lever, 2 ring)
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
Super Glue
Fabric - Purple
See-Through Over-Lay - Lighter Purple with Silver Stars
Ribbon - Purple (Thicker) and Gold (Thinner)
Purple and Gold Thread
Fake Jewels
Iron and Ironing Board

Turn on hot glue gun, with glue inside. Place binder in the middle of cloth. Squirt glue on
one the shorter side of the folder. Place cloth over. Squirt more glue on the front shorter
side and affix. Place more on the bend and attach. Fix the longer side, but the bottom
only so you can stuff the covers. Stuff the front and back and place inside any herbs
which correspond to protection, spiritualism, consecrating, general magic, cleansing etc.
Add pot pourri if wanted. Glue top of fabric on. Glue on more fabric on the inside of the
folder. Attach second layer of cloth, include inside as well. Turn on iron and unfold
ironing board. Iron all ribbon in half so it looks crisp. Make sure iron setting is on low.
Make a pentagram with the gold ribbon and affix it with super, PVA or craft glue. With the
glue put on the fake, or real, jewels. Insert separators, paper and plastic sleeves. Label
the separators with numbers. Put down what the numbers mean on the front contents page, it
should be included with the dividers. Use plastic, but paper is more natural. Use a special
pen to write in your book.

Your book of shadows is complete.



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