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Wiccan Fae Dictionary


There are very many types of faeries in the world, some kind some not so kind. Some beautiful and some ugly as sin. This dictionary shows the types of faeries that are really out there, and tells the real name, where to find them, when to look for them etc. Not all faeris are listed here, but if needed you may e-mail me to find a specific one.
See Jinn.


Land of Origin: Netherlands
Other Names:Ottermaaner
Appearance and Temperment: Alvens have very light bodies.. so light in fact that it is almost imosible to see them, they look so invisible. They do not have wings but they can travel through the air by becoming incased in a water bubble.
Time most active: At night
Where to find them:In the River Elbe, an easy journey on the inner plane.
How to Contact them: Look for them in Faeryland and try approaching them as a friend, someone who also loves the moon and nature.


Land of Origin: Brittany
Other Names: Death, the Grim Reaper and Father Time.
Element: The Ankou is part of all the elements includig the fifth element, spirit.
Appearance, Temperment: He is a male, dark and rather Dickensian with his blak robed costume pulled high over his head.
Time most active:All year
Where to find him:Unknown
How to contact: NOT ADVISED!!!!!




Land of Origin: Ireland
Other Names: Bogles, Peat Faeries, Mudbogs, Bor-a-boos,
Apearence and Temperment: Ballybogs are mud covered creatures of very small size. Their bodies are almost completely round, with their heads rising from their bulbous bodies without benifit of necks. They have spindly arms and legs which look too thin and baneful, but are usually said to be so stupid that it is hard to determine their temperment. They speak no language and grunt and slober instead of speaking.
Time most active:All year
Where to find them:At peat bogs or mud holes.
How to Contact:Ask them to manifest in the physical.


Land of Origin: Greece
Other Names:Cockatrice
Appearance and Temperment:The Baslisk has the body and the head of a huge golden snake, but on it's head sits a read comb like that of a rooster. It also has two arms which it uses to increase the speed of it's slithering and to hold the front half of itself upright. It is highly poisonous and is reputed to hate humans.
Time most active:All year
Where to Find them:Faeryland
How to Contact:Unknown. If you happen to run into one in Faeryland, immediate retreat is advised.
Land of Origin:Ireland
Other Names:Water Woman, Weisse Frau.
Appearence and Temperment:This faery is very protective of children and a kiss from her renders a child almost indestructible. She has also been know to give directions to lost travelers. She will however, drown those who displease her or who hurt and abuse children. In England she is called Jenny Greentooth or the Greentooth Woman, which has become a generic name for these types of drowning faeries in English-speaking countries. Her name "Bean Fionn" literally means "white woman" is a watery female faery in a white gown who lives beneath lakes and streams and reaches up to drag under and drown children at play or in the water.
Time Most Active:All year.
Lore: She may have been created by parents who wish to warn their children away from dangerous lakes and rivers. An English nursrey rhyme echoes the sentiments of these worried parents:
"Mother, may I go out for a swim?
Yes, my dearest daughter.
Hang your clothes on a rowan limb,
And don't go near the water."
Where to find her: Possibly in dark lakeswhere drownings have repeatedly occured.
How to Contact:There is probably no way to contact her becauese she may no exist except in the most rudimentary astral form. Contact is probably not a good idea anyway.


Land Of Origin:Scotland
Other Names:Hobgoblins, Goblins, Gobelins, the Boogey Man, Boogies, Padfoot, Boggans, Hobbers, Gobs, Blobs.
Appearance and Temperment: This faery is a male dwarf with a squat and distorted form. He is a cousin of the friendly house Brownie, but his intentions are very different. Whereas a Brownie will adopt a home for the joy of offering his help and mutual support, a Boggart will adopt a house just for the sheer delight of destroying things. They are very ill-tempered and greedy.
Lore:In northern England the Boggart is known as a Padfoot or Hobgoblin and enjoys frightening travelers and disrupting households. He is also thought to be poisoness to the touch. The following poem by Mark Shapiro entitled The Wee Little Hobgoblin typiefies some of the havoc they can wreak on a happy home:
"One wee little Hobgoblin
All dressed up in red
Was spying on a farmhouse
With mischief in his head.
"This place" said the hobgoblin
"It could be lots of fun.
Everythings so clean and tidy
and begging to be undone."
So the wee little Hobgoblin
He went to work with glee
He let the cattle out hte gat
And set the piglets free.
He spilled some milk in the kitchen,
And overturned the butterchurn.
He yanked the landry off the line
And caused the soup to burn.
He pinched the baby, and scared the cat
And had the mostes fun.
And when the spree was over
He said "That's a job well done."
Time most Active:At night
Where to find them: Unknown, unless one has invaded your home. If you want to see one, then let your deep mind take you to an infested house in the astral world. Just make sure he doesn't follow you home!
Cailleac Bhuer:
Land of Origin:Scotland
Other Names:The Blue Hag, Black Annis, the Stone Woman.
Apearance and Temperment: This faery is one of a kind. She is an old woman who walks by night carrying her walking stick, her carrion crow on her left shoulder. However, her reputation as dangerous and ill-tempered may be a mistaken one. It is possible that this fear of her was created by the early Scottish churchmen seeking to eradicate the vestiges of the Old Religion by demonizing its Crone mythology.
Time most Active: At night.
Where to find her: In Scotland Highlands, or near the western sea in Faeryland. The best time to look for her is during the waning moon.
How to Contact:Do not fear her, but do use caution. Try making an evocation to her with the same respect and reverence you would give to the Goddess in her guise as Crone. She is most likily a Goddess, merely one in a devaluded state.

Chi Spirits:

Land Of Origin:China
Apearance and Temperment:No one has ever seen a Chi Spirit as they are pure energy and have no physical confines.
Time most Active:All year.
Where to find Them:Unknown. While the Chinese think of this energy as a faery, Chi Spirits may be no more than phsychic vibrations which always surround us and are part of everything.
How to Contact: Invite them into your home in a ritual you design just to bring them in.


Land of Origin: Northern Mexico.
Other Names: Not known
Element: Earth
Apperance and Temperment: This faery has almost become a generic term for "monster" among Mexicans and American Hispanics. If the Cucui had a characteristic look, it has long been lost to us. He is not friendly nor is he considered safe to be around.
Time most active: All year
Where to find them: Unknown
How to contact: Not advised!

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