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Herbs & Their Definitions

Many of the items covered come from the writings of Scott Cunningham -
Magical Aromatherapy and Ray T. Malbrough - Charms, Spells & Formulas.
Basil is used for more than cooking in Italian food. Peace, Happiness, and
the Conscious Mind are some of the magickal attributes of this herb. Keep
this scent close to keep a clear mind for tasks. The smell will keep you
focused for the more important tasks in your day. Note: In making an oil of
this herb, do not take it internally.

Black Pepper
For a charge in physical strength, this is a great herb. Other influences
include Courage and Protection. If you are trying to keep other peolple's
influences from ruining your day, this should help. You may take this


Although it is an herb which is hard to find, it can be worth the search. It
is also one of the elements that vibrates well with the Zodiac sign of

This herb is great for gathering magickal energy. This oil is also great for
the Consious mind. As an addition to a mixture, this substance will add
thickness to your oil. The tincture of benzoin is a great way to make your
essential oils last.



Bay is another cooking item with great potential. The specialty of this herb
is Psychic capabilities and Purification. Use dried leaves and smell them
crumpled in your hand or smoke them in an incense.

This is an easy-to-get herb. You will find it in many herbal teas found at
your local supermarket...and for good reason. This is the herb of Peace and
Meditation. Take this herb and you will achieve a deeper peace of mind.

This flower is so common in most areas that it is a great oil to practice
with making essential oils. Smell the flowers fresh or in an oil for General
Health, Love, and some Magical & Physical boosts.

The dried inner bark of this herb helps you most with overall Prosperity. It
is one of the more asscessible items that is part of one of the mixtures for
Lucky Life Oil.

This narcissus flower is one of the strongest helpers for Love. The fresh
flowers have the most powerful effect. This is one of a spiritual, deep

This herb has many religious connotations. The incense of this essential oil
has a profound religious effect. Burn this incense for a heightened
spiritual understanding and for meditation. Use this also for any oil that
needs a power boost in a spiritual content. Not for internal use!

One of the most versatile herbs, garlic has its focus around Health,
Purification and Protection. Add it to any relevant dish and take the oils
that come in vitamins. One bad side effect...bad for social situations.

Magic is the best use of this herb. Taken in slight doses is the best
practices due to its power. It also has influences in Sex, Love and slightly
Money. Again, small doses are best.

Another common element, jasmine is responsible for Psychic dreams, Love, Sex
and is overall good for relationships that need help in intimacy. Fresh
flowers and the essential oil are best.

There are many uses for this citrus. Basically, use the peels for soaking in
your oils of Health and Healing. You can also use it for Physical purposes.
Purification is the main attribute for lemon grass, lemon balm, and other
related herbs.

Very similar to frankincense, myrrh is a great oil and incense for
Meditation, and general Spirituality. You will reach new heights of
spiritual depth with this. Not for internal use.

Onion is good for Courage. Use it on your more timid days. Bring a
anectdote, but try to have it in the same family as not to neutralize your
original purpose.

Protection is the main quality of this herb. It is good to use this along
with Onion and other noxious herbs to hide the scent, but not kill the
purpose of the other herb(s).

This is a very powerful and readily available scent. Money, Sex and other
Earth bound influences. This is a great essential oil to be used with
Protection Oil and Seduction Oil. One word of warning. This neutralizes many
spiritual situations. It is tied closely to the earth.

Another common flower, this is a great for Love. Beauty and oils for almost
every ritual for peace should have this essential oil or flower petals
involved. It also enhances intimate sexuality.

If we had more of this in our diets and rituals, we would benefit from an
increased Memory. It also has great influence over the mind. Keep it in
moderation for it can upset the stomach if too much is used. It may better
be used in its natural form for smell to enhance mind capacities.

This is an expensive herb that when cooking will have a profound color and
taste in its host. It is very powerful for Magic. It should be used with
only one or two other herbs in a mixture. Only a little of this herb will do
the trick.

Great for Wisdom, this herb is commonly used with others in Italian
seasonings. It has an underlying sub-conscious tone that can help you get in
touch with unknown forces in your life.

Common and good for additions to mixtures to give an essence of Healing,
Spirituality and Healing. Adds a sweet undertone.

Magickal energy and overall mid-level purposes is this herbs strengths. Use
this to add a balancing effect in your mixtures. A safe element for almost
anything. Not too strong on its own.

Witch Blood anointing oil

1/4 oz. artemesia (wormwood)
1/4 oz. valerian root
1/4 oz. vervain
1/4 oz. madder root
1/2 oz. English mandrake root (white bryony)
1 pint olive oil
9 drops oakmoss oil
7 drops elder oil
10 drops pine oil
5 drops chamomile oil
pinch sugar or sweet sap
pinch rock salt

Ghost powder

This simple powder will avert ghosts and spirits when it is placed in their
path. It is best made while the moon is waning.
Ingredients: (one part each)
Dried rosemary leaves, ground to a powder
Sea salt
Garlic powder

Study Oil

2 drops frankinscense
4 drops orange
3 drops rosemary
4 drops bergamot
2 drops sandalwood
Add the ingredients to an oil burner and fill with water. Light tea light candle. Great for promoting study energy.

Many mystical and magical uses have been found for the thirteen trees
which symbolize the months of the Celtic lunar year, and it is likely,
considering the popularity of Celtic Paganism, that many more will be discovered.
However you choose to observe the lunar months, it can be helpful to
first imbibe a magical brew designed to attune your body and spirit to the
Following are the recipes for thirteen teas which will accomplish just
The measurements given are approximate, and for making one eight-ouncemug
full you should use no more than a single heaping teaspoon of dry herbs
placed inside a tea ball or cheesecloth strainer. All liquid measurements
should be added to taste. Allow the tea to steep at least two minutes,
longer if you prefer a stronger flavor. As always, when ingesting untried
substances, be sure to test for any allergic reactions first, and
that no herbal preparation should ever be taken over the long term
consulting an expert pharmacologist or botanist.
Though very few of the recipes actually contain any part of the trees to
which they are attributed, they work quite well because their ingredients
rely on using herbs and juices which share magical affinities with the
properties of the tree. These properties are listed after the name of
tree so that, if you choose to, you can make substitutions based upon
knowledge. Depending upon the particular Celtic tradition you follow, the
lunar year starts with either the first new moon closest to Samhain or
one just before Yule.

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