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Fruit, Nut and Vegetable Correspondances

Please make sure you are not allergic to nuts, seeds or particular foods.


Masculine, planet is Mercury, element is Air.
USES: Money, Prosperity and Wisdom. The leaves, wood and fruit is
great to use in money and prosperity spells and rituals. It
is often used to make wands for it's element is air, and wands
are associated with air. Eating of the Almond will help in the
cure of fevers, and also bring wisdom to the well eater.
Placing almonds in your pocket will lead you to a source of
money or treasure.


Feminine, Planet is Venus, element is Water, powers of love healing
and prosperity.
USES: Samhain is often called the "Feast of Apples" and is used
on the altar during this time, apples are considered the
fruit of the dead, and are also burried so that the souls
that will be reborn in the Spring will have something to eat
during the long Winter months. The Apple is the symbol of
immortality and a branch carried with the fruit, buds or
flowers will gain you access into the land of the Gods.
The buds are used in poppets, sachets and incenses to gain
and bring love. Put the juice in pink wax to make candles,
burn the candles to attract love. Unicorns are known to
reside near apple trees. Cutting an apple in half and giving
the other half to a loved one to eat insures that the two of
you will stay happy. Cutting the apple in 3 pieces and
rubbing on ailing parts of your body, near the place if inside
your body, and buring the three pieces when finished will help
aid in the healing of the ailment.




Feminine, planet is Venus, element is Water, power of Love.
USES: The juice of the apricot is used in rituals and love potions.
You can carry the pits to attract love and drinking of the
juice will soften your personality.


Feminine, planet is Venus, element is Water, Powers of beauty
love and lust.
USES: Eating of the avocado will bring lust, carring the pit with you
will cause an aura of beauty to surround you.


Masculine, powers of protection, hex breaking, luck and wishes.
USES: Carve a pentagram on the bamboo tree and plant outside of your
home for protection. Placing bamboo over your doorway will
give luck. If under a hex or spell, burn the powder from a
grinded bamboo plant. It was used a divination tool in Chinese
Temples, the bamboo is cut into pieces and the story told from
How the pieces fall. It was also used as a charm against evil


Feminine, planet is Venus, Element is Water, powers of fertility,
potency and prosperity.
USES: In Voodoo the banana is often used to represent the God. If
a couple is married beneath the banana tree, the bride will
have luck in the marriage. The banana is used to increase
fertility and cure impotency. You can use any parts of the
banana tree in money and prosperity spells. To Cut a banana
is considered very bad luck, they should only be broken open.


Masculine, planet is Mercury, element is Air, Powers of protection,
Exorcism, Reconsiliations, portency, love and wort charming.
USES: Used to charm away the evil in a person. In Ancient Rome, they
were given to people at funerals to help bless the dead. Beans
are carried to ward off negative energy and evil. Used in
rattles to scare off spirits, very potent when ridding evil
spirits that have taken a living form hostage. To cure worts,
rub dried beans on them while saying, "As this bean decays, So
wart, fall away."


Feminine, planet is Saturn, element is Earth, Power of Love.
USES: Beet juice can be used as a replacement for blood in spells
of old, also in Love magic. It is said that if a couple eat of
the same beet, then they will fall in love forever.


Feminine, planet is Venus, element is Water, powers of healing,
love and protection.
USES: Blackberry pies are baked for Lughnasadh for the blackberry is
seen as a symbol of the death of the God. Use blackberry vines
in wreaths to serve in protection of your home, and the plant
vine and berry can be used for prosperity and money spells. To
heal burns and scalds, dip 9 leaves of the blackberry in spring
water, lay them gently on the wound while saying this chant
three times to every leaf "Three ladies came from the east,
one with fire and two with frost.
out with the fire, in with the frost"


Power of protection.
USES: Place under the home or under matts at doorway for protection
and to ward off evil. Eat blueberries while under psychic
attack in tarts and pies to increase the strength of the berry
and decrease the effects of the attack.


Masculine, planet is Mercury, element is Air, power of Love.
USES: Carry as a talismen to attract love and bring luck in matters
of the heart.


Masculine, planet is Mars, element is Fire, powers of feritility and
USES: Carrots are eaten to cause lust. If the seeds are eaten it
will help a woman become more fertile, if a man is impotent
eating carrots will solve this problem.


Masculine, planet is the Sun, element is Fire, Power of Money.
USES: The cashew can be carried to help find a job, and also used
in money and prosperity jobs.


Masculine, planet is Mercury, element is Fire, powers of lust,
mental and psychic powers.
USES: The stalk and seeds will induce lust upon consumption. Chewing
on the seeds will help center yourself and help along in
consentration. The seed can be used in spell pillows to induce
sleep. To increase psychic powers, burn with orris root.


Feminine, planet is Venus, element is Water, Powers of divination
and love.
USES: In Japenese lore it is said to tie a strand of hair on the
blossom of a cherry tree will attract love. Cherry juice can
also be used as a replacement for blood in spells of old.


Masculine, planet is the Sun, element is Fire, powers of the psychic
and healing.
USES: To increase psychic powers eat of the citron. Can be used in
most healing spells and in incense to aid in healing.


Feminine, planet is the Moon, element is Water, powers of chasity
protection and purification.
USES: To protect your property, cut the coconut in half, fill with
protective herbs, seal shut again and bury somewhere on your
property. Hang a whole coconut in your home for protection.
Is used in chasity and protection spells.


Feminine, planet is Venus, element is Earth, powers of protection
divination and luck.
USES: The Corn Mother is a Goddess that has been worshipped through
time by East and North America. She is the deity of fertility
and plenty, the corn either whole or ground is used to bless
and scattered for ritual. Make a necklace of whole kernels to
prevent nose bleeds. Cornstalks hung over the mirror brings
good luck to the household. Red corncobs were burned in the
mountains of North America on the homes doorstep or under the
bed to aid in childbirth. Pollen from corn was used in rain
making rituals by Meso-Americans. Placing an ear of corn with
a sleeping infant will keep out negative energy.


Feminine, Planet is the Moon, element is Water, powers of chasity
fertility and healing.
USES: The peels of the cucumber placed on the forehead will help aid
in the cure of a headache. Eating of the seeds will help with
fertility, and when the cucumber it's self is eaten it hinders
lust. Sliced thinly and placed on the eyes it cures dry and
swollen eyes.

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