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Wiccan Herb, Oil and Crystal Correspondances

Change Your Luck

Oil: lotus
Herb: basil
Incense: lotus or frankincense
Gemstones: carnelian or quartz crystal
Candle Colors: green or orange
Attract Money

Oil: bergamot or cinnamon
Herb: nutmeg
Incense: cinnamon or honeysuckle
Stone: agate or garnet
Candle Colors: brown, green or gold
Gain Prosperity

Oil:bayberry or bergamot
Herb: vervain
Incense: bayberry or jasmine
Stone: bloodstone or malachite
Candle Color: green
To Influence Someone to Repay a Debt

Oil: jasmine
Herb: clove
Incense: ginger, jasmine, allspice
Stone: hematite, tiger's eye
Candle: yellow
Increase Personal Power



Oil: carnation
Herb: sandalwood or rue
Incense: carnation, frankincense or pine
Stone: agate, jasper, black obsidian
Candle: purple or red
Conquer Fear

Oil: musk
Herbs: sage
Incense: allspice, dragons blood, musk
Stones: amber, black obsidian
Candle: red or brown
Find A New Job

Oil: pine or peppermint
Herb: dragons blood or ginger
Incense: jasmine, peppermint, pine
Stones: carnelain, lapis
Candle: green or copper
Attain Success

Oil: peppermint
Herb: ginger or vervain
Incense: ginger or rosemary
Stones: sard, black obsidian
Candle: brow, gold or orange
Inspire Creativity

Oil: lilac or rose
Herb: rose petals
Incense: lilac, lotus or rose
Stone: amethyst, chrysocolla, black onyx, turquoise
Candle: violet or yellow
Overcome Bad Habits

Oil: cedar or peppermint
Herbs: basil, bay laurel
Incense: dragons blood, cedar, pappermint
Stones: jet, rhodonite, topaz
Candles: purple or violet
Stop Arguments

Oil: patchouli
Herb: patchouli
Incense: allspice, cedar, patchouli
Stones: bloodstone, black obsidian, black onyx
Candle: pink, light blue
Settle Disturbed Conditions in the Home

Oil: patchouli
Herb: frankincense and myrrh
Incense: patchouli or frankincencense
Stones: hematite, agate
Candle: black, purple
Learn the Truth About a Situation or Person

Oil: carnation
Herb: sage or yellow sandalwood
Incense: clove, cypress, sage
Stone: chrysoprase, geode, tigers eye
Candle: purple, dark brown
Release Situations or People from Your Life

Oil: lilac and patchouli
Herb: lemon verbena
Incense: patchouli or cedar
Stones: aventurine, jade, petrified wood, clear quartz
Candle: black
Accept a Situation

Oil: gardenia
Herb: frankincense
Incense: rose, orange, musk
Stones: sard and amazonite
Candle: brown
Find Happiness

Oil: lily of the valley
Herb: St. Johnswort
Incense: jasmine or rose
Stones: moss agate, amethyst
Candle: gold, lt. blue
Consecrate a Talisman

Oil: frankincnese or lotus
Herb: frankincense or yellow sandalwood
Incense: lotus or sandalwood
bloodstone, black onyx, black obsidian
Candle: white or purple
To Reach a Decision

Oil: lotus
Herb: rue
Incnese: sage, acacia or lotus
Stone: agate or clear quartz crystal
Candle: yellow
Start a New Venture

Oil: cinnamon
Herb: nutmeg
Incense: cinnamon, rosemary or clove
Stone: agate, emerald
Color: green
Peaceful Divorce

Oil: patchouli
Herb: lemon verbena
Incense: patchouli, vervain
Stone: sodalite, chalcedony
Candle: light blue
Celebrate a Birth

Oil: rose
Herb: rose petals
Incense: frankincense or myrrh
Stone: lapis, rose quartz
Candle: pink
Celebrate a Wedding Anniversary

Oil: rose
Herb: rose petals
Incense: frankincsense or myrrh
Stones: aquamarine, sard
Candle: pink
In Memory of a Deceased Loved One

Oil: patchouli
Herb: patchouli
Incense: patchouli or lotus
Stones: four pieces of clear quartz crystal
Candle: lavender
Giving Thanks

Oil: lotus or frankincense
Herb: sage
Incense: frankincense, myrrh
Stones: amethyst, clear quartz crystal, iolite
Candle: white
General Healing #1

Oil: carnation, myrrh, lavender
Herb: frankincense
Incense: lotus or lavender
Stone: amber, turquoise
Candle: green, gold, lt. blue
General Healing#2

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