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Wiccan Herb, Oil and Crystal Correspondances - Page 2

Oil: clove or gardenia
Herb: myrrh
Incense: jasmine, myrrh
Stones: beryl, fluorite
Candle: gold, green, lt. blue
General Healing#3

Oil: gardenia
Herb: rue
Incense: sandalwood, gardenia
Stones: lapis, tourmaline
Candle: gold, lt. blue, green
Regain Health

Oil: carnation
Herbs: red sandalwood
Incense: carnation or rose
Stones: bloodstone, boji stones
Candle: green
Recovery from Surgery

Oil: lilac
Herb: pine needle
Incense: cedar, sandalwood
Stone: carnelain, boji stones
Candle: light blue

Oil: pine
Herb: rosemary
Incnese: pine, frankincense, rosemary
Stone: aquamarine, tourmaline
Candle: white
Banish Serious or Terminal Illness



Oil: myrrh, patchouli

Herb: rue
Incnese: frankincense, myrrh, patchouli, vervain
Stone: black obsidian, black onyx
Candle: purple
Stop Interference in Your Love or Marriage

Oil: frangipanni
Herb: bay leaf
Incense: frangipanni or pine
Stone: moonstone, chrysocolla, pyrite
Candle: indigo
Heal an Unhappy marriage or Relationship

Oil: rose
Herb: rose petals, yarrow
Incense: apple blossom, allspice, sandalwood
Stone: agate, amethyst, lapis
Candle: pink
Win the Love of a Man

Oil: vanilla
Herb: catnip or ginger
Incense: vanilla or ylang
Stone: lodestone, aventurine, malachite
Candle: pink
Win the Love of a Woman

Oil: rose
Herb: rose petals
Incense: frangipanni or rose
Stone: coral, lodestone, rosequartz
Candle: pink
Find Perfect Mate

Oil: musk
Herb: rue
Incense: musk, patchouli
Stone: moss agate, clear quartz crystal, lapis, rose quartz
Candle: green, pink
Release an Unwanted Person or Admirer

Oil: patchouli
Herb: lemon verbena
Incense: patchouli or rue
Stone: spectrolite, jade, clear quartz, agate, malachite
Candle: black
Stop Slander and Gossip

Oil: juniper or lilac
Herb: clove or marjoram
Incense: cypress or pine
Stone: aquamarine, hematite, agate
Candle: indigo
Rid Yourself of Negatives

Oil: pine
Herb: basil
Incense: cedar or vervain
Stone: 2 pcs. hematite or smoky quartz
Candle: purple, black, silver
Binding Troublesome People

Oil: patchouli
Herb: patchouli
Incense: cypress or pine
Stone: jade, lapis, 2 pcs, black onyx
Candle: black
Release One from Enthrallment

Oil: cedar or dragons blood
Herb: dragons blood
Incense: patchouli or myrrh
Stone: chalcedony, tourmaline, malachite
Candle: black
Release from Psychic Attack or Ill-Wishing

Oil: patchouli, frankincense
Herb: patchouli
Incense: cedar or myrrh
Stone: smoky quartz, turquoise,black obsidian
Candle: black, silver
Remove Negative Vibrations or Spirits from a Home

Oil: vetiver or yarrow
Herb: vervain, patchouli
Incense: frankincense, myrrh or patchouli
Stone: agate, clear quartz crystal, bloodstone
Candle: black, silver
Remove Negative Vibrations or Spirits from a Person

Oil: vetiver or patchouli
Herb: vetiver or patchouli
Incense: frankincesense, myrrh, patchouli
Stone: agate, clear quartz crystal, black onyx, black obsidian
Candle: black, silver
Bring Pressure on an Enemy

Oil: pine
Herb: bay laurel, clove
Incense: dragons blood, pine, patchouli
Stone: aquamarine
Candle: orange, indigo
Uncross a Person

Oil: cedar or patchouli
Herb: dragons blood or wormwood
Incense: cedar, myrrh, patchouli
Stone: honey stone, mica, clear quartz crystal, balck obsidian, black onyx,
Candle: purple, black
Protect Someone from Abuse

Oil: frankincense
Herb: bay laurel, frankincense
Incense: dragons blood, frankincense, patchouli
Stone: jasper, lapis, smoky quartz, black obsidian
Candle: black
Communicate with Spirits

Oil: yarrow, frankincense and myrrh
Herb: lavender
Incense: frankincense or lotus
Stone: amethyst, emerald, labradorite, moonstone, sugalite
Candle: indigo, purple
Meet Your Spirit Guide

Oil: honeysuckle
Herb: mugwort
Incense; sandalwood, lotus
Stone: moss agate, lapis, moonstone, sugalite, tourmaline
Candle: indigo, purple
Enhance Spiritual Growth

Oil: lotus
Herb: frankincense
Incense: lotus or sandalwood
Stone: amber, citrine, lapis, ruby, sapphire
Candle: lavender, purple
Gain Spiritual Blessings

Oil: frankincense
Herb: frankincense
Incense: frankincense or lotus
Stone: amethyst, lapis, moldavite, black tourmaline
Candle: blue, lavender
Strengthen Psychic Abilities

Oil: jasmine
Herb: wormwood or jasmine flowers
Incense: honeysuckle, mimosa or lotus
Stone: moss agate, moonstone, jet, blue topaz, purple tourmaline
Candle: silver, lavender, purple
Preparation for Divination

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