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Pagan Recipe For Candied Violets

After picking a large number of violets, spread them on a cookie sheet to dry for a few hours. Then beat an egg white to a froth, paint it on each flower with a fine brush, and (carefully!) pour fine white sugar over the flowers to coat them. You can color the egg white purple for variety if you wish. (Gum arabic can be substituted for the egg whites.)


Pagan Recipe For Feather Cake

(Candied violets work beautifully for garnishes on this cake.)
First, rub to a cream 2 tablespoons soft butter and a cup of sugar. Next, add a beaten egg yolk, half a cup of water and whole milk mixed, 1 and 1/2 cups of sifted flour, and a teaspoon each of baking powder and vanilla.
Beat an egg white stiff as meringue and fold it gently into the mixed batter. Bake it at a low heat--325 degrees Farenheit--for 25 minutes. Don't jump up and down or jar the cake while it's baking or it'll fall and be full of holes. You can add chocolate glaze and/or candied violets when it comes out of the oven.



Pagan Recipe For Candlemas Oil

1/2 dram Pine oil
1/4 dram lavendar oil
4 or 5 drops of Cinnamon oil
1/4 dram Sandalwood oil
1/4 dram Frankincense oil
1/4 dram Myrrh oil
Mix well and bottle.
Imbolc Incense
3 Parts Frankincense
2 parts Dragon's Blood
1/2 Part Red Sandalwood
1 Part Cinnamon
few drops red wine
To this mixture, add a pinch of the first flower (dry it first) that is available in your area around the time of Imbolc.

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